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Re: What toy did you convert to?

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:20 pm
by TheJabbaWookie
Mr. Tie wrote:
edd_jedi wrote:Sounds silly but for years I didn't have a loose set. I thought having a set of MOCs was at least as good if not better. Then when by chance a couple of years ago I ended up with a few loose figures, I began to appreciate the difference and being able to physically hold them. This is one reason why grading has never appealed to me, I often see the same argument used for carded/MISB etc.

Doesn't sound silly to me at all. A couple of years ago I bought an action figure filled Darth Vader case. After opening it I could smell the plastic of the figures inside, which brought me instantly into a nostalgic mood. After that touching the figures with stiff limbs brought me completely back to my childhood. As if I had taken them from the cardbacks (you should be ashamed of yourself... :lol: ) and started playing with them. Even today opening this case gives me the same feeling. We humans are some kind :wink:

I only have one MOC and that's because it's a 92 back and it enabled me to keep track of what figures I needed. I don't think Its the same looking at your figures with a bubble in front of it, and nothing beats holding them yourself. The smell of plastic when you unlock a zip lock bag brings back so many memories...