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Discuss vintage Kenner and Palitoy Star Wars toys from the 1977-1985 era.
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Postby Richard_H » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:07 pm

Darth Bobby wrote:Half way in, did someone mention 321? The quiz questions were very cryptic. Very enjoyable though :lol: :lol: :lol:

You kidding? It was like "it has to be Vader because WHITE is not BLACK therefore BLACK was the answer. Dobbie left better clues.

chipsteak wrote:Great episode as ever - thankyou!

Oh and if you're trying to give me a jump scare by having the opening screech of 'Yellow Pearl' just a bit too loud then it is working!

We know the sound levels aren't always right. We rushed this a little to get it out before the lads and Jez went to FACTS. We did lower the volume at the outro!

palitoyjunky wrote:Having a great time listening as usual chaps :D
Simon ur “Bantha Tracks” quiz was insane :lol:

Am v interested to watch the up coming Hake’s SW auction :!: As Rich says could b a bench mark set for some of these top end pieces. In particular as I previously mentioned I think I will b most interested to c what the 3 AFA 95 12 backs will go for. Not sure if they r the only 95 12s out there :?: If not surely there would only b one or two more but as I say I rem seeing them years ago on “Brian’s Toys” priced at $13,000 each.
Naturally I will also b v interested to c what the DT MOCs fetch-particularly the Ben & Vader :?: :?:

Thanks John and it was great to chat with you at Echo. I think the DT Ben is around the $22k mark at present with 3 weeks to go. Can see this hitting $75k myself. :o

Mini99 wrote:Downloaded and started to enjoy, my you have to keep up with the releases at the moment!
As for the coplay costumes, I suspect that these are doing as much for Anglo/European relations as Brexit is :lol:
Then again Leia became quite alluring after a few bottles of wine last night :shock:

Anything that hides Jez's face has to be a bonus. Without the mask you'd need to add a cask of super strength and a bottle of bella

edd_jedi wrote:About half way through, thanks for discussing my Palitoy MOCs! Enjoyed the chat about them. Personally I'm of the opinion that Palitoy were all over the place with release dates by the end, we know this because loads of 45 and 65 back cards have the offers blacked out with marker pens indicating they were using the cards well after their initial release. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they were still using 45, 65 back or whtever was left cards right up until the end. Remember Toy Toni even got unused Empire cards from them. So I think it's fair to call the big bubbles 'trilogo', they were almost certainly designed for those cards as they are exactly the same size as the race track on the card.

I think that's pretty much what Joe agrees with too. We'll put it in feedback on the next one. ..... the next one FFS :roll: can't believe we're due to record again :( :lol:

spoons wrote:An hour to go and you bunch of galactic jizz wailers are back to your best (or is that Jez Wailers). I think the humour was a bit lacking last month.

Great hearing how Jason got his jawa vibe and what can I say about the Rebo band section. Classic!

Si’s quiz’s was crazy difficult and the you all should have known the droids cartoon was early than ROTJ - it had Fett in it.

Disappointed that Rich didn’t make a Rich joke about Rusty Glove and Rusty Goff - Tatioine link there ;-)

Look forward to the Facts report next month

Cheers Andy, I'd lost the will to live by that point! Pretty sure that was around the 13 hour mark of a 14 hour recording 8)

Darth Bobby wrote:Great episode this month, very funny.

Amazing 12 back story.

I had Sy Snootles band as I kid, loved em.

Keep up the good work.

Yeah I was surprised when the others didn't have them. Obviously Jez and Si were in their mid-20s by then and would have moved onto other things but I just assumed everyone had one as they were so cheap and good stocking fillers.

That's a cracking box Edd. The blue on that Rebo is really BLUE! I need to go back to that store in Newcastle to see if he has the trilogo box one still.

Cheers all!
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Postby chipsteak » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:43 pm

Btw, the Yellow Pearl thing wasn't a criticism. I reckon the production standards to be brilliant and well above what's required. It's just that one note of that tune gives me a freight every month. :D

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Postby jared007 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:37 am

Great show as usual guys - oh and for the record, there are no plans to add the *rusty glove tuskin* to Star Wars Tracker :)
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Postby SAVORY100 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:10 pm

Oddly, I've listened to it all twice now... well, I say all, but I really couldn't bear the madness that was this month's quiz.. sorry Si, far too conceptual in thinking even for me! :lol:

The Jawa interview with Jason was brilliant, I do find it funny that as focus collectors we are almost expected to know everything about our chosen figure and own everything ever made too we really don't.. I actually found it reassuring that he didn't even recognise the Chief jawa reference and that he doesn't own the Sandcrawler either... Maybe Jason needs to get on this forum as it was discussed back in June 2016 :wink:

For what its worth, I've always known it as the Max Rebo band, Sy Snootles was always just a guest singer to me... bit like Soul II Soul with Karen Wheeler!

Gimcrack submission; I have one of these in shocking condition, so the image is a steal off the web...

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