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Help needed for forthcoming Star Wars Collectables book

Discuss vintage Kenner and Palitoy Star Wars toys from the 1977-1985 era.
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Help needed for forthcoming Star Wars Collectables book

Postby Starrider » Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:40 pm

My names Paul Berry and I've posted on this group a few times before about a book I've got coming up next year called Star Wars Memorabila from Amberley Publishing. It follows hot on the heels of my book about Doctor Who for the same company. As well as covering all the well worn stories like Rocket Fett, Blue Snaggletooth etc I'm also looking at the less documented stuff like Super 8mm films, Action Transfers, Airfix models, Ben Cooper costmes. FKS Stickers etc. Unfortunately I dont own all the stuff I'd like to feature and would welcome help from anyone who could provide good hi res images of various items from the list below. I dont have space in the book to photograph full sets of every item, so for most of the product suggestions I will only want one or two examples of each. If you think you can help, you must have a camera capable of taking hi res pictures of at least 400dpi ie. 2-3mb, most digital cameras are capable of this and I imagine more sophisticated phones like the iphone. Please contact me first before submitting images as items need to be photographed in a specific way. I can only use items if they are in decent condition, and cant feature anything that is too badly creased or damaged. I also cant use images of anything sealed in AFA cases. Anyone submitting pictures that are used will get a credit in the acknowledgements, a free PDF copy and the opportunity to buy a physical copy at half price if they wish. Anyway if you think you can help with any of the items below please get in touch. Thanks. Paul

Kenner/Palitoy displays headers
Early Bird set
Pictures of first 12 figures carded (Palitoy if possible)
Figures with telescoping sabers loose
Blue Snaggletooth (in mailer 2 pack if possible
UK Death Star Playset
Empire carded figures (Palitoy if possible)
AT AT boxed
Dagobah playset boxed
Power of the Force carded figures
Tri logo Yak Face
Revenge Jedi proof card
Droids figures carded
Ewoks figures carded
Vlix - carded or loose
12 inch figures Palitoy and Denys Fisher boxes
Black Series figures packaged (Rarer ones if possible)
Star Wars Waddington 1978 UK Jigsaws set
Return of Jedi Waddingtons jigsaw set
Escape from Death Star game
Adventures of R2D2 game
Yoda the Jedi Master Game
Battle at Sarlacc Pit game
West End Games Minatures
Star Wars Kenner Carded Diecasts
TIE Bomber Boxed Die Cast
Star Wars SSP Vans boxed
Micro Collection Bespin sets
Star Wars Denys Fisher kits boxed
Empire Airfix kits
Jedi Airfix kits
Han Solo Blaster toy boxed
3 position laser rifle boxed
Star Wars Ben Cooper costumes
Star Wars Bop Bags
Vintage Play Doh sets
Large Ewok plush
Small Ewok plush
Talking R2D2 Palitoy boxed
Yoda hand puppet boxed
Star Wars Blackthorne 3D comics
Star Wars Poster Mags 77-78
Bantha Tracks newsletters
Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine 1
1st Star Wars Insider
Starlog Technical Journal magazine
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 1
X Rated C3PO card Topps
Topps Sugar Free Gum cards
Empire oversized photo cards
Wonderbread cards
Star Wars Galaxy cards
European Star Wars 77/78 Sticker album preferably Italian but German version will do
FKS Empire album
Panini Jedi album
Lyons Maid sticker set
Fun products stickers
Star Wars action transfers
Dairylea action transfers and box
Jedi action transfers
Empire Presto Magix set
Original 1977 hardback with Mcquarrie art
Han Solo at Stars Ends book
Han Solos Revenge
Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
Lando Crystal Cave of Thonboka
Lando Mindharp of Sharu
Lando Flamewind of Oseon
Maverick Moon
Mystery of the Rebellious Robot
Star Wars Storybook
Star Wars Read Along Books
Star Wars Sketch Book
Star Wars Making of the Movie paperback
Making of Empire paperback
Making of Jedi paperback
Star Wars Pop Up Books 70's/80's
A Guide to the Star Wars Universe 1984
Star Wars Cinefilm
Empire Cinefilm
A New Hope Rental VHS
Caravan of Courage VHS
UK Video shop posters (any)
Making of Star Wars VHS videos
Droids video
Ewoks video
Executor VHS box set
Star Wars Laser Discs
Empire Laser Disc
Star Wars Executor video box
Star Wars Original Soundtrack LP's
Story of Star Wars Records
1980's video games (any)
Applause statues
Master Replicas items
Sideshow Premium format figures
Gentle Giant statues
Gentle Giant Jumbos
Any official full size replicas or busts

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Re: Help needed for forthcoming Star Wars Collectables book

Postby spoons » Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:47 pm

Sounds like an interesting project, but the list you’ve provided is pretty extensive and it looks like you need photos of almost everything.

I know from a far less ambitious project that it’s difficult to write about things you’ve never seen in the flesh. Very easy to make mistakes.

If you are relying on others to provide all the pictures you may need to offer free copies.

Good luck with it all the same
http://www.vintagestarwarsdiecast.co.uk for all your vintage die cast needs

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Re: Help needed for forthcoming Star Wars Collectables book

Postby Starrider » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:47 am

To answer a few of your points. There is a lot of stuff in the book besides what was on the list and I have done thorough research about many of the products. Its certainly not a case of expecting people to provide everything for me. I should explain the book like most of Amberley's collector guides only runs to 96 pages and is rather a beginners guide, there just isnt the space to go into any real depth. I could get have got away with using most of my collection, but within the remit I was given I thought it would be good to get as many rarely seen items in there as possible. While it would be great to offer free copies, the book isnt self published and the payment I am receiving is fairly minimal so I arent able to hand out loads of free copies at £15 a pop. Obviously if someone provides me with a sizeable amount of images then I could probably stretch to a free copy.
The upside for anyone contributing is they get their name and pictures in print in what should be a fairly mainstream book, you can find it up for pre order on Waterstones and Amazon, search Star Wars Memorabilia Paul Berry.

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