Short shot Imp blaster find!

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Short shot Imp blaster find!

Postby subzero » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:31 pm

Excited to receive this today, an ebay seller listed it as a normal Imp blaster not knowing it was a short shot. 8) You can see the back end has turned into a ball, the front is stumpy, the bit sticking out of the magazine is rounded, and the cross hatch pattern on the handle hasn't formed and sharpened.

Hard to tell in the pics but it's dark blue, and is a legit blaster that the seller told me had been in their parents loft for over 30 years, they had another blaster for sale which was also 100% genuine. Is there any way to get this graded?, I know they won't grade incomplete items so it would have to be graded complete with a figure, but would they even be able to recognise and grade this or would it get rejected?, would it be worth my time sending it off?

I'm just not 100% on if I want to grade it with a figure though, i'm maybe thinking about getting my own little case for it for my display.

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