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Re: A Trip Down Memory Lane - photo donation and discussion thread

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:36 pm
by Clarkspie&chips
Here's one for the Swindon lads,

This is a C3P0 trilogo cardback from my childhood, bought in Trents at the bottom of town.


Trents later became Beaties and then closed down in the late 90's. It reopened as a pub (the bedroom I think?) in the early 2000's. God knows what it is now.

I have great memories of this toy shop, downstairs had star wars, MOTU, A Team, Transformers etc and upstairs had all the Tamiya RC stuff and BMX's for the older kids. I also met Darth Vader here when he did his UK tour but the thing I remember most was the big dustbin they had by the tills with all the discount stock, looking at the price stickers on this one I'm pretty sure that's where he came from.