2016 Exhibition at the American Museum in Britain

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2016 Exhibition at the American Museum in Britain

Postby MuseumKate » Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:22 am

Hello forum folks. I am the Chief Curator at the American Museum in Britain. I am currently trying to source items for next year's exhibition at the museum. 'An American Toy Story' will tell the story of movie merchandising, focusing on toys that were inspired by - and in turn inspired - films. Of course no such exhibition would be complete without including Star Wars related items. I contacted a collector directly who recommended that I post my request on this forum. I have access to toy box quality figures and vehicles from the early movies but I would really like to include rare/pristine toys and movie props that most visitors will not have seen in the flesh, and that will provide a wow factor to the exhibition. If anyone is able to help, please can you message me on this forum or I can be contacted through the American Museum website contact form (collections / curatorial) http://americanmuseum.org/visiting-us/contact-us/ I am happy to send more information to interested parties or to answer any specific questions. (This is my first foray onto any forum so apologies if I haven't got the etiquette correct!)

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