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3rd Norwich Vintage and Collectable Fair - Today

Post details and discuss up-coming or past Star Wars related events.
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Re: 3rd Norwich Vintage and Collectable Fair - Today

Postby Shaky_BobaFett » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:52 pm

I was there as well. Nick again did a great job setting up and best yet I think
It was Great meeting up with local friends, the one & only "CardBack Kid" , everyone's happy Gooner... neil " jackabinna " and
me old mucka Rodders aka "K9bye" ....
There was Some good deals to be had and I and my son made some good ones for sure! But the highlight for me was the Norwich SW fan club who were all dressed up in pukka costumes .... My kids were loving it. Little girl Sophia just kept pulling me outside to go back and see chewie again!
It's been excellent every time I ve been and the next event which is on the 10th December I believe will be as good if not better with the amount of people now attending and dealers envolved . And as well there's the NorCon which I think is on the 8th October if I recall correctly.
So I thought I would attach a Nice pic below of me, cardback kid,matt "k9bye" and me kids.
Also my sons first Toy fair and it was only right George made he's first Toy fair vintage buy! Can't believe K9bye took all that money off him just for a loose Weequay and Nikto!
Ricky aka Shaky ⚒
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Re: 3rd Norwich Vintage and Collectable Fair - Today

Postby jackabina » Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:12 am

Jez wrote:I went a few years back with Iain, Neil, Chris and the G unit. It was great.
I'd be really keen to know about future ones in advance. Family up in Norwich so it could be a really good opportunity for me to multi task!

Always welcome this neck of the woods you big stud!!
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