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Multi signed Vader photo and signed figure for sale.

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Multi signed Vader photo and signed figure for sale.

Postby av6 » Thu May 18, 2017 7:43 pm

Hi all.

Been having a sort through of my endless collection and came across these. Thought I'd see if anyone here wants them before I head off to eBay.

First up is an 11x14 Official Pix photo signed by bob Anderson (now deceased and very sought after autograph), Dave Prowse and James Earl Jones. Please note that while the photo is an Official Pix product, the signatures were not done at an OP signing. However, they are 100% genuine. As far as I can remember, Bob Anderson only ever did 2 or 3 events with Showmasters before he sadly passed away. I apologise for the poor photograph, but the photo itself looks great in person as you would expect from Official Pix. So do the signatures.

I'd like £90 posted for this one.

Next I have a POTF 2 Admiral Motti figure signed by Richard LeParmentier (now deceased). Again, I apologise for the poor photo. The card on this one is a little rough, but by no means a complete write off. Still, with a signature of a deceased actor, very collectable IMO.

I'd like £30 posted for this one.

Thanks everyone!
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