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Latest Acquisitions (Autograph) Thread

Discuss vintage Star Wars movie props and autographs here.
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Re: Latest Acquisitions (Autograph) Thread

Postby SAVORY100 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:51 pm

_Lee_ wrote:
SAVORY100 wrote:
greig1983 wrote:Two lovely ones from Julian Glover. What a nice guy.

Can I ask why you get multiples of each actor? I army build some vintage figures (Han, Rebel Soldier and Rebel Commando) and gather up odd variants across all the vintage line, but for some reason I find this a bit odd. Not a criticism, just a curiosity really. I do seem to take an age when attending signings choosing the right image per actor, so I suppose that is stopped by getting them all...

Also, with this volume, how are you storing them? I use Secol acid free filing boxes and Secol polyester archival sleeves (all used at the National Archive, so fit for documents from the 16th century, so) safe for autographs... but they are not only IMO expensive, but also quite space hungry... you must have a very cool library!


Some collectors collect multiple autographs like this. I have 13 james Earl Jones, 9 Jeremy Bulloch and so on. As some carded figures are desirable on certain cardbacks, autographs are desireable on some photos / images :D The autograph scene has gone mental in the past few years :) How we all could wish we could go back to the early 80's and get Shaw to sign an Anakin photo or anything to do with ROTJ. Only 2-3 pieces are known on Star Wars related images for him, and there is no concrete proof of that in many ways.

BTW, I am still keeping my eye out for you :)


Makes sense Lee, thanks for the reply :D
13 James Earl Jones... I would love to meet him and pick one up, I would genuinely be torn between a Vader and a Terrence Mann image myself, if I ever do get that chance!
On the hunt for items for my Han Original big head / pinhead focus




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