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The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:19 am
by SAVORY100

At least one of our merry throng has now already seen it and I'm sure will be bursting to talk to folk about it, many many more will see it tonight at midnight and even more wil have seen it by end of play tomorrow...

So, can anyone that wants to discuss the new release's content, please do so in this thread alone and not drop spoilers or hints elsewhere on the boards.

IF you read on beyond this initial comment, you do so with the knowledge that you may well be ruining it for yourself!

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:01 pm
Saw it earlier this evening...

As stated above, SPOILERS ahead...

Well, liked how they handled Luke...he was great in this...and loved the twin suns scene for his passing.

Was nice to see plenty of Leia...although one thing I could well have done without, was the scene with Leia flying through space back into the ruined ship - was the only thing in the movie I really didn't like...a few other bits were kinda hmm...but overall, I liked it and would say it is good, not great but then again, can't see them producing a great Star Wars movie in this age...I personally feel all the magic was spent on the classic trilogy we grew up with...but this is good, very good in parts.

Some good Star Wars comedy in this film...most people laughed out loud quite a few times.

Porg - was worried about this character when I first saw the trailer...but need not...cute and funny...without too much of the little blighter(s).

Liked the Snoke/Kylo Ren/Rey section...but there really is so much to take in...difficult to comment on it will leave others to add their thoughts before I add more...

Enjoyed it, as did the entire theatre I believe...costumes 'n all... :D

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:10 am
by naughtyjedi
I’m still buzzing. I loved it. Star Wars is always about a good old story and lots of fun. I was grinning like a goon.

My fear for the film was snoke becoming an emperor and going down the same route. Nope, he’s lying around chopped in half, his master plan foiled by kylo. That then destroyed all pre conceived notions. I was stunned and a little disorientated on that one. Where was the story going.

The force being used across space was a lovely nod to writing in clone wars where Sidious choked out Dooku from a different part of the galaxy. Now we have snoke and Luke manipulating it. Funny when Luke did it full on he tidied himself up and gave himself a nicer beard. But his joining with the force was his sacrifice for the greater good, nicely bookending the film with Paige’s death.

The Yoda scene still providing guidance to Luke was pure magic and awe and the wise cheeky Yoda from empire. Embracing success and failure.

Luke’s ‘from a certain point of view’ moment creating the Kylo monster was nicely told from both sides. Kylo bitter and Luke regretful.

I loved Reys story providing nothing. Making her realise that her path is entirely hers, no links or family revenge, nice that continued and sort of resolved. She’s chosen her own path. I also liked the many responses to criticism in the films script from force awakens. It was littered with them.

The lightsaber scenes with kylo and Rey vs the praetorian guards were epic.

Holdos suicide in the ship was epic. Utterly epic. Filmed to perfection. The tear up of the wing of the ship flashing into sight.. omfg. Genius. No sound.

I wanted chewie to abuse the porgs- he did. Hilarious.

The canto bight scenes were a little goofy and I fear it was an overplay to continue the spark of the rebellion theme. I would have had rose and fin sacrifice themselves into the cannon together.

Now we see why Leia didn’t die.. because Luke had to. Luke’s performance was a delight and again not playing into the hands of those wanting this all powerful Jedi to strut around. His performance against the first order was almost if a pacifist.. the student vs the tank.

So much good stuff

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:53 am
by SAVORY100
Jesus... where do I start...

I’ll admit that my initial thoughts are quite conflicted, so much I could rip apart and so much that I think could’ve and should’ve been better, but so much I loved and that shocked and surprised me... made me smile, made me laugh and points where I had a tear in my eye.

I guess the first reminders to take on board are that it’s a kids film franchise and the Mark Hamill has always been a truly terrible actor that can only deliver long stares and hammy lines. These two constants are still there and in many ways they are a blessing as they do at least remind you throughout that Star Wars is not a serious series of films, never has been and never should be.

As for the story and content... some things were too fast/quickly covered; Luke’s training of Rey, Phasma’s demise, Canto Bight as an entity (though given the Disneyland feel of its inhabitants and the sets themselves, it was possibly the right decision). Other parts were overplayed and should’ve been more swiftly handled too...

The story broadly held water though and some of the little shocks/surprises were just brilliant. I loved Luke’s ability to appear across the galaxy in ‘physical’ form, a perfect metaphor for the power, magic and mystery of The Force. As for the comedy shoulder brush off, I think it might become one of my favourite SW moments ever!

I wasn’t a massive fan of Leia’s Marvel-esq space flight but as my comments above, the power, magic and mystery of The Force was back on the table, it’s not just moving rocks and waving around a laser sword after all...

Yoda was a bit of marmite for me, really liked the idea and content, absolutely detested the CGI creating him… just looked really weak and possibly the worst effect in the entire film, which given the emotional importance of reimagining someone so dear to OT fans was a major flaw for me.

Snoke was so much better than I expected and in many ways got better as he developed... right the way to his end, which wasn’t overly shocking or surprising in the moment, but I doubt anyone watching had sat down expecting him to not be there still at the end of the movie...

The suicide mission from Holdo was beautifully handled, for someone we met 30 minutes earlier it held emotion and was very poignant… the highlight though was the moment of impact where we were treated to utter silence, simply a genius piece of both direction and audio production.

So, lots to like and lots to feel less positive about, I think it’ll take three or four watches to decide where it ranks and how I really feel about it all. I certainly don’t dislike it, but I didn’t fall in love with it straightaway.

Roll on the Pinewood screening tonight!

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:38 am
by Cazza
I think TFA and R1 were a lot easier to digest. They were both a lot more familiar and TFA in particular did play it safe (for a reason). TLJ has really pushed the envelope and Rian Johnson has definitely done his own thing. A few things were a bit jarring, such as Yoda, but I had to get it right in my head what I was watching. I was watching the slightly bonkers-yet-wise jedi master (in puppet form!) from ESB, not the oh-so-serious, backwards talking, CGI Yoda from the prequels and The Clone Wars.

A lot of people are out of their comfort zone with what RJ has done here. I actually felt quite challenged by what I was watching- continually questioning not just the plot, but a lot of the aesthetics as well. I can't wait to see it again. I thoroughly enjoyed it first time, but TFA & R1 took 2 viewings- I suspect this may take 3- to make a properly informed judgement. There was so much more going on in this than the other two. Things that were unexpected, exciting and questionable. There's no doubt that it's a spectacular popcorn movie with depth, but I think a lot of die hard fans are going to find it too tough to swallow this brave new direction.

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:11 pm
by stratpack
Saw it last night, not sure what to make of it.
I liked Luke's scenes but I'm not convinced by the whole space chase scene. I couldn't help wondering why the First Order chose to sit and blast away at a couple of Rebel ships with the plan of waiting till their fuel runs out when they could easily have caught up or outgunned them in about 5 minutes. I thought this and the side plot to the gambling planet were weak. Phasma was a waste again. For a middle act of a trilogy there was no real peril at the end of the movie to be resolved in Ep9 like Empire did for Jedi. :?

I dunno, I'm absolutely shattered writing this having went to the midnight showing. A second viewing is a necessity.

There was some great scenes - Lukes X-Wing underwater, hologram Leia from ep4 etc :)

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:56 pm
by BadMotivator
Just saw the movie

Leaving aside the main problem (the story), I'll just pick out a few things as they occur to me sitting here now.

    If Rey is not related to anyone, and Luke has no idea who she is, then why on earth was he in hiding? If he was waiting for Rey to get old enough so she could could be trained and help him fight the baddies, that makes sense. But if not, he was basically just sitting on that island for nothing. He just ran away? Lame.

    Why does Luke catch a fish with the galaxy's longest pole?

    What the fuck was up with the whole master codebreaker bit? What was the shit about his red badge? All that for a character that's in the movie for about three minutes tops.

    Fucking Snoke. So he was the main baddie for about ten minutes across two films.

    Luke does the old, Jedi projection trick and doesn't die! Whoo! But then he dies two minutes later of... er... overuse of force? If he was going to die anyway, what was the point of the projection thing? Was he just Trolling Kylo? Wouldn't it have been better to fight him for real? At least then he'd at least have a chance of killing him. I get that he was buying time, but why not just tell everyone to slip out the back with the foxes and forget the whole thing.
I'm sure I'll think of more in a minute, overall I thought it was a complete mess. The worst part is I can't think of a single scene that if I was a kid I'd watch again and again like I used to.

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:53 pm
by BadMotivator
I thought of some more:

    That guy that licks the ground and says: "Salt." I'm two hours into this shitshow, I don't need to know what the floor is made of. You just know that some executive was worried that people would think it was another snow planet and wanted to change the colour so as a comprimise they agreed to have someone look at the camera and say "Salt".

    I've always wondered why they don't just kamikaze ships at lightspeed through other ships and know that we know you can, why didn't they always just do this? Star Destroyer? No problem, just get an old junk cruiser and get a droid to fly lightspeed through it. Death Star? Piece of piss mate, just do the same. In this case, why didn't they just do it with one of the other two ships that ran out of petrol? Or one of the transports? Why did they get the woman with the purple hair to do it, why not C3PO or another droid?

    The plot of this film is: HOME 1 IS GOING TO RUN OUT OF PETROL. That's literally the plot of a Star Wars film now.

I'm sure I'll think of some more in a minute!

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:28 pm
by lambis500
The comedy or over-use of it bothered me.Some scenes that were serious in tone quickly became laughs then back to emotion?
Especially the opening scene,I don't know why after just 1 viewing.I just thought cringe between hux & Poe, Didn't seem right in a star wars film,Same with 'chrome dome' quip.
Best bit of comedy on first view, Probably the porg getting some G's on the falcon window,Great flying by chewie!!
That said I agree on snoke,Thought he was great.But still don't know much about him / or rise to power.
I was impressed with Adam driver's delivery of kylo for sure.

Overall mark hammil stole the show for me, especially with Yoda! Great to see imo...

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:45 pm
by naughtyjedi
Why does Luke catch a fish with the galaxy's longest pole?
You need to read 'Catching a fish on jedi temple islands by J.R Hartley'

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:53 pm
by monkey_roo
Just got back from watching the film and processing away - certainly needs another viewing.

My 'off the cuff' thoughts would be.

Plot is a bit lacking and contrived - the running out of fuel thing, while practice and built on a solid navy tactic of staying up wind of a pursuing vessel to remain out of range of guns etc. Seems out of place for such a universe, it does set up some good moments in the slow moving chase.

As people have said the middle section around the casino it a bit clunky and adds 20mins to the film that we could have done without. That said it introduces a new world and new creatures, and does raise questions around the morality and duplicity or profiteering during war time, which is new for a SW film.

Mark Hamill rocks - maybe one quip too many but forgiven for what is his best performance as Luke. Actually I think this is one of the best SW films for performances, people have more to do and there is more depth to the characters than in prior outings.

Overall I think it was a good film that will improve on second viewing, certainly worthy of the sort of reviews it is picking up.

As for the overall tone and so on, the odd miss-step (the hair comment at the end), but overall it lends itself to better characterisation, so stay with it I say.

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:03 pm
by Dark vador
Ok spoilers thread here it comes !!!
Beginning scene with poe taking on a imperial dreadnought with a single x wing....come on destroying all the turrets by himself....this is not space balls where the guys behind the turret control have eye issues... its making a mockery of the first order ,such a shame for commander poe in this kamikaze like act at least the kamikaze had the decency to die in honor instead he s been treated as a fool hardy big head.
Luke was pathetic for most of the film weak if feel sorry for mark hammil surely he would have wanted some ting more then appearing as a hologram at the end before diapering in a puff of smoke to join the force
Rey parentage come on she could have been a skywalker at least not the daughter of 2 drunks are portrayed in the film that sold her on ...
Chewbacca eating a pork come on disney bad bad taste (lol see what I did there)
A third of the film wasted on casino P, a net looking for the code breaker hmm me thinks this was done for disney to produce over 100 new toy figures of wich most you get a glimpse
Another big one SNOKE no elaboration on his character come on what a vacuum so much ,more could have and should have been done with him chopped in half deja vu darth maul he derived a better ending even his royal guards had a better fight scene
Leia surviving like that the blast on ship and moving back in etc cheap and meaningless.
Not much left in the end on eitheir side a tall tall order for the next film let's hope they improve or I'll be out. The atmosphere in the cinema wasn t good eitheir and people leaving where saying exactly what I m saying here.

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:10 pm
by lambis500
Forgot to say RIP Admiral Ackbar... :shock:

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:54 pm
by Dark vador
lambis500 wrote:Forgot to say RIP Admiral Ackbar... :shock:

Lol and 90v% of the rebel fleet !

Re: The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:19 pm
by Mr. Tie