massive job

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han duo
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massive job

Postby han duo » Fri Nov 30, 2007 5:58 pm

ok guys anyone got the time to value my collection , ive done a version , but just so iam not being biased i wanted to get another opinion...
all the gradings i gave are the conditions of the box as the toys them selfs are in top condtion...! look at the showcase section to see photos of my collection. ! or the new aquisitions to see any which arent on the show case....cheers

all boxed with instructions.....

palitoy darth tie fighter ( c8 -9 )
white esb tie fighter ( c7-8)with inserts
tie interceptor (c8-9) with inserts
sw xwing (c8-9)with inserts
esb xwing (c7-8)with inserts
rotj xwing (c8-9)with inserts
bwing rotj (c8)
ywing (c8)with inserts
landspeeder (c8)
dewback (c8)with inserts
tauntaun (c7-8)
tauntaun splitbelly (c8)
imperial shuttle (c8)
slave one rotj (c8)
imperial attack base (c7-c8)
probot and turret (c7)
falcon esb palitoy (c8-c9)
sw imperial transport (c8-c9) with inserts
esb palitoy cloudcar (c7-c8)
dagobah (c9)
cantina (c9)
rebel transport palitoy (c8)
rancor trilogo (c8-9)
u.s deathstar (c8-9)
remote r2d2 (c8-9) with inserts
forrest ranger trilogo (c8)
ewok village (c8)
atat esb (c8-9)
vaders star destroyer ( c9-10)
rotj blue box snowspeeder (c8-9)
cloudcity playset (c8-9) with inserts
scout walker rotj (c8-9)
droid factory (c8-9)
jabba (c7)
wampa (c8-9)
all the mini rigs which vary between, c7-c9 some have unapplied stickers and some have there inserts
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Re: massive job

Postby jabbawokkie » Fri Nov 30, 2007 6:04 pm

are they all vintage boxes :wink:
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