Can Someone Help ID My Lightsabers Please?

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Can Someone Help ID My Lightsabers Please?

Postby androjonny » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:54 pm

Hi there, my name is Jon, I'm fairly new to the Forum having discovered it around 5 years ago and besides purchasing a few pieces here and then, mainly from Iain I haven't really engaged with anyone before and I don't know any other collectors I can show these to. That said I'm really looking for some help to identify if any of these lightsabers real, or repro?

Most of these would of been purchased around the early to mid 90's, pre-eBay days from a few local dealers, sci-fi fairs, or from peoples collections as I use to place wanted ads in the local papers....I completed a full set of the vintage line in around 95-96, just in time for the release of the special edition and since then I got into modern collecting till around 2002 when AOTC came out. This year after selling most of my modern collections I've been revisiting my vintage line and been vigorously checking every single weapon and accessory I have via a few websites online, however I'm finding these a little hard to ID myself. I'm not going to be selling these I just want to do this for my own personal collecting reasons and even though I have been collecting Star Wars a long time I have only really seen my collection and I would not consider myself a real expert.

Whilst checking through I have weeded out a few definite repros in my collection, so I'd love it if someone on here with more experience and knowledge could cast an eye over these and give me some more expert advise?

To help the first photo was taken under UV light and this is how they react in water.

(Couldn't number the photos so working from left to right.)

Vader 1- floats on the surface and rises when submerged.
Vader 2 - floats on surface and sinks when submerged.

Ben 1 -floats on surface and sinks when submerged
Ben 2, 3 - floats on surface and rises when submerged

Luke 1, 2 float on surface and sink when submerged.

Thanks Jon
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