a collection of all sorts ... after a 'gist' value

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a collection of all sorts ... after a 'gist' value

Postby gary-force » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:57 pm

Hello everyone.

I grew up with the films and the toys and the later has been gathering dust in mum and dads loft. So 40 years is probably time we part company but I'm after so "guideline" advice of whats roughly worth what and where's the best place to sell, is it on here?
anyway I have:

vehicles (most in boxes)
loose figures (some with weapons some without matched up as best as I can recall)
what I was told was an original film programme sent to the cinemas.
and the tin box set definitive edition vhs box set (which i also have dvd copies of).

here is a link to google drive with pics of everything:


I must admit I have looked online and gotten myself very confused with all different makes and releases and logos. All I can say with certainty is in the early 80s my dad bought these for me and insisted once the toys were played with they went back in the boxes and were put away, so i did look after my stuff.

anyway, thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

All the best
G Force

p.s. Yes my surname is Force ... and when asked my name on the phone I do say "Force ... as is may the force be with you." :D

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