Loose figures

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Loose figures

Postby peekaygee73 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:34 pm

I've some duplicate loose figures I'm looking to move on.

  • I'll post the figures in a jiffy bag unless you prefer boxed. Anything over £20 will be sent insured. I'll get an actual cost for P&P
  • I've sold on here before with no problems, and have been selling on ebay for over 16 years without problem.

  • Boushh sold elsewhere.
  • Han in Trench Coat factory overstock figure. In MINT unplayed with condition (no paint loss, anything that looks like it in the pictures is just a reflection) with original blaster factory-taped to the figure. Plain lapel variant. £25. SOLD
  • Logray. Raised Bar Hong Kong. Paintwork fantastic, stiff limbs, all accessories. £6.00
  • Ree Yees. Hong Kong. Paintwork fantastic, stiff limbs, complete with weapon (weapon is 100% original but has a small piece of stress discolouration near tip where barrel has bent a little). £7
  • Hoth Stormtrooper No COO. No skirt or weapon. £8
  • Teebo. horn and headgear but no staff. £3.50

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