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Vintage Original Star Wars Figures 12 Inch Series Boba Fett + Accessories 1978

Sell your collectables here. Vintage (1977-1985) Star Wars toys only please - use the 'General Sales' forum for selling modern and non-Star Wars items.
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Vintage Original Star Wars Figures 12 Inch Series Boba Fett + Accessories 1978

Postby StarWarsFan » Mon May 07, 2018 8:02 pm

Hi, am selling the figure for my mate. He was looking for £120 including postage.

The figure is in good condition. Right leg and knee stiff, left leg little looser but still fairly stiff, left knee stiff stands up ok, right arm stiff, right elbow joint stiff, hand stiff, left arm stiff, left elbow joint bit loose positions ok, left hand stiff head little loose. Antenna clicks fine and positions fine. Red paint faded on arm and face, some marks on figure and rocket pack. Includes all accessories apart from the cape is missing. Gun included in good condition.
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