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Tut tut UKG...

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Re: Tut tut UKG...

Postby Mini99 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:27 pm

tigerham wrote:
theforceuk wrote:I think we need to cut them some slack here, yes it’s a silly mistake and shouldn’t happen. But I’m sure given the chance UKG would correct this. We all make mistakes, don’t think their is a member on here that hasn’t made some kind of spelling or grammar mistake at some point or another. Ok they are charging a lot of money for their service but still, it’s one bloody letter!


Not taking anything away from UKG and yes we all make mistakes at some point. Coming from a graphic design background these 'mistakes' are frowned upon as there should be a proof reader, so to speak, to double, if not treble, check any mistakes that may have occurred.

Anyway saying that, I have dealt with UKG in the past and have done a sterling job with my previous items. I just found it surprising going from my previous experience with them.

Totally agree, my dealings with UKG have been very good and professional, and been happy with the results.
I too was surprised that it wasn’t picked up before being shipped out.

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Re: Tut tut UKG...

Postby sparkysx » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:52 pm

No problem to cut them some slack as long as it's rectified without any inconvenience to the owner.

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