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Black Series 4-inch #30 & #31 Republic Trooper (The old Republic)

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Black Series 4-inch #30 & #31 Republic Trooper (The old Republic)

Postby Snaketibe » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:29 pm

Rebelscum recently announced that the 4 inch Black Series #31 figure (Republic Trooper - The Old Republic) did in fact make it into circulation on Euro cards, albeit possibly in small quantities (http://www.rebelscum.com/story/front/Ha ... 171667.asp), and are currently appearing for eye-watering prices on eBay... as in £125. OUCH!!!! :shock:

This naturally makes me wonder whether figure #30 ever made it into existence. Does anyone know whether Black Series 4-inch #30 exists, and if so, what it is? As far as I was concerned the 'orange' first run of Black series 4-inch figures ended with #29 Wedge Antilles, so to see pictures of #31 inevitably makes me curious about #30.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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