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Hello All Avid UK Collector of 6" Black Series

Talk about modern (post 1985) Hasbro toys, including POTF2.
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Hello All Avid UK Collector of 6" Black Series

Postby csc74 » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:54 pm

Hey i finaly found this UK collectors forum. After reading american news sites for years and getting frustrated i wasnt getting UK product centric updates.
Im realy hoping this is the place to be to find out what is out here and what wont be.

For example did we or will we get any of the us store exclusives of kmarts kylo ren and ray or jynn erso. Ive seen kylo in forbidden planet but none of the others. Is there a connecting figure for jyn ersos base planned?
These new stupidly repackaged figures. ... the game stop exclusive droid. Is that coming here?

Where do people buy figures. My reason being:

The sloppy paint apps i like to avoid so online shoppings a no.
Toys r us seem to have limited stock ever of same peg warmers
Forbidden planet get a lot in but mine puts security sticker tags on the boxes that dont come off without damaging the package. I keep them in their boxes

Also im realy wanting a force awakens trooper. Toys r us have shed loads but not one hasnt got a very smudged helmet and looks very sloppy and cheap loooking. Did they somehow get a bulk of rushed cheap ones in stock or are all these troopers bad quality wherever you get them from

I went to florida last year and the lack of figures anywhere in 6" was a shock to me. I expected to fill in huge chunks of my collection but managed to find 3 and trust me i looked everywhere i could
A lot of questions i know but im keen to get up to speed and learn.

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Re: Hello All Avid UK Collector of 6" Black Series

Postby Bunglebubs » Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:00 pm

Most of the figures I have I bought via Ebay and a few at some conventions. As you are very paticular about the paintwork have you tried to ask any of the sellers to pick out ones that don't have any smudges etc as some of them are willing to do this. Or you could try ebay us for some of the exclusives but quite a few sellers UK based do get them in so you don't have to pay the extortionate import fees.
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Re: Hello All Avid UK Collector of 6" Black Series

Postby Lindo » Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:32 pm

never actually bought any of these but have always liked the look of the figures and packaging
Looking for POTF moc's pm me if you have any for sale

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