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WTB carded Palitoy SW / ESB reseals or beaters

Post up a list of items you want to buy or trade.
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WTB carded Palitoy SW / ESB reseals or beaters

Postby AndyPreston » Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:38 am

Hi, I'm looking for Palitoy carded figures, but mint figures are out of my budget, so I'm interested in creased cards, dented bubbles, cut bubbles or reseals, so long as all the parts are original. Specifically I'm looking for the following:

- 12 back Jawa
- Dengar on any ESB card
- Leia Hoth on any ESB card
- Imperial Stormtrooper Hoth Battle Gear on any ESB card

I'm happy to pay cash, or for trades I can offer a few carded figures, loads of loose figures, and loads of oddball stuff.

Many thanks,

Looking for Palitoy 12 back Jawa and Empire carded Dengar, Leia Hoth, and Snowtrooper. Damaged cards or reseals OK.
Also any non-toy vintage British items esp. store displays, advertising & promotional items, and cast & crew or prop items.

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