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Want to Buy a 1979 Falcon

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Want to Buy a 1979 Falcon

Postby DarthUrderer » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:05 pm

Hey everyone, I have just stepped into the market for another 1979 Millennium Falcon after me and my girlfriend broke up and she took it with her. Well, she took a bunch of stuff but that is what I cared about. We got it while we were together but it was something she knew I loved, as I had saved money for 6 months to buy one. I'm sure she is juts going to sell it at a pawnshop or something, but whatever. It is worth whatever I need to spend on my next one to get her out of my life, and maybe this one will be nicer. So, if anyone has some leads on an auction or a vintage shop selling one of the 79 Falcons, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone, hope everyone has a good day.

I got pretty desperate last night looking for a vintage Millennium Falcon, and I ended up looking at some buy/sell sites I had never seen before and I actually found one on https://www.for-sale.ie/vintage-star-wa ... ium-falcon! This little old lady found it while cleaning the attic and said it must have belonged to the kids years ago. She wanted to sell it for really cheap but I insisted that she get a fair price. What a bargain, I hope she finds more stuff soon.

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