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My most wanted - Stormtrooper Cardbacks

Post up a list of items you want to buy or trade.
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My most wanted - Stormtrooper Cardbacks

Postby MarkG » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:51 pm

guys... I'm after the following Stormtrooper cardbacks to continue with my ever growing collection.

Kenner 41bk - Survival Kit Offer
Kenner 45bk - Display Arena offer
Kenner 48bk - Admiral Ackbar Offer
Kenner POTF

Would also like a 21bk, but I'm in a long queue for one of those.

Only requirement is No cut POPs

Any help in acquiring those is most appreciated.
Wanted - Instruction sheets and Stormtrooper cardbacks preferably....
Lili Ledy Boxed Speeder Bike

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