Solid black palace blaster

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Solid black palace blaster

Postby Cikatro Vizago » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:26 am

Peace and goodwill. to every one

may be I'm asking so much but let's see if there would be a spare one to buy for a reasonable price.

I've seen a couple of them in eBay for 75 and 90 pounds each which is too much for my pocket. I understand that with all the new films, the 40 years anniversary... prices are going high. I don't want to buy a repro neither so.

I'm also looking for these other Kenner vintage Weapons by the way:

1 x Dark Grey Pilot Blaster - Cloud Car Pilot

1 x Dark Grey Com Link - Cloud Car Pilot

2 x Black Princess Leia Blaster - Organa (Original) and Bespin

1 x Blue Princess Leia Blaster - Hoth

1 x Solid Black Endor Blaster - Imperial Gunner

1 x Luke Jedi Knight Blue Lightsaber

1 x black Droopy McCool flute

Thanks for your attention.
Regards from Spain

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