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    Death Star Panels

    Excellent job, make sure you show us the finished article (y)
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    Good Condition! Oh sure!

    You have to squint :oops:
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    ROTJ 2 Packs - update 26/6/21

    Fantastic collection matey!
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    Ive had figures on back order with them for months and they’ve always come up with the goods. I’d recommend them.
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    Cool story bro !!

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    Early Luke Bespin

    In 1980 I had a friend named Neil that got to see Empire early on, my aunt had got us tickets to see it in Leicester Square later and I asked him to tell me everything about it, to Neils credit he didn’t tell me about Yoda or that Vader was Luke’s father. Anyway I digress. He did however...
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    Complete Palitoy run of Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot

    Very cool, one of my favourite figures 👍
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    Cheers all 👍
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    Other Vintage Collections

    Mongoose put out retro bikes every once in a while, they did one last year for Stranger Things. Ruby, the bloke who's back garden backs onto mine has a black/gold Ultra Burner sat rotting in his shed, I'm constantly on his case to let me have it 👍
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    Other Vintage Collections

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    Other Vintage Collections

    Old bikes for me....
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Today's buys from a local shop, Snag's pistol looks repro but 3 nice figures!
  13. IMG_20200729_153846_BURST001_COVER.jpg


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    SWTOTW, Week 30, 2020 Laser Rifle

    Mine from the 70's, looking a bit well played with! Excuse the state of the floor, that’s the garage :mrgreen:
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    My Stuff! New Cabinet p10 July 20th

    Very cool display 👍
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