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    Hi I'm new here!

    Welcome! ROTS...
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    Intro - Dad of Luke

    Welcome Mark!
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    Other Vintage Collections

    Excellent, Mike! The SOO is fantastic!
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    Michael K Williams R.I.P

    Sad news. Omar was an awesome character. He was going to play Dryden Vos in Solo, but the problematic shoot conflicted with his schedule, so he had to drop out.
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    Jumbo Tarkin?!

    Hmmm, I know there was a concept of a Tarkin figure, but didn't think anyone had the design (thought it was lost). As you say, maybe an original concept of the Retro figure, but that seems a bit silly to produce a figure of that. That arm is awful!
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    Your favourite underrated figure?

    Love the DSD. Was my first figure, along with R5. I remember opening it in the back of the car on the way home and being dismayed that the limbs wouldn't move! They eventually loosened up and now he can barely stand! The 20-bk Palitoy is a very special cardback.
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    Latest Acquisitions

    @ScruffyLookingNH, that Snowspeeder is something else! :cool: @coomber75 , nice little haul of micro stuff there- really cool. @Vernon , that Pali Jawa looks superb! @Dad of Luke, gotta love an ESB Stormie. Very nice mate :cool:
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    Star Wars Hildebrandt UK Quad - For Sale

    I'll move it to the Ebay section...
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    The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Kenner Star Wars Photography 1977-79 Book

    Superb book, very hard to find now. Signed by Kim Simmons (author/Kenner SW photographer). Excellent condition, has a few very minor surface marks (see pics). Been flicked through couple of times, spine perfect. £120 PayPal F&F or Goods if buyer covers fees. Postage £7.95 Royal Mail Special...
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    The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Kenner Star Wars Photography 1977-79 Book

    Just listed this on Ebay Happy to sell off Ebay ;)
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