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    Princess Leia Organa

    Hi all Slight shift in requirement as want to finish my mail away first 12 display. Therefore WLTB a nice original & complete Princess please. Oh and still need a Luke saber with tip. Thanks Ian
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    Thanks for all the positive comments guys 👍🏼👍🏼 I’m seriously pleased with the display. I was going to just do a full 96 run but have found myself already upgrading/tinkering and now also looking at variants 😬😬 Whilst I suspect I’ve done this in probably a record speed I am going to take my time...
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    Thanks for the comments. It’s a GT Pro Performer. The white one is the Haro. A Master.
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    Not sure why they've come through in that order or why the door has turned on it's side?
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    Ok so still new round here but got a little carried away. Anyway, loving my new case from Drew and after reading Ed's advice I feel 2 big dogs, 13 external cameras and a shotgun licence are sufficient cover considering I don't think the post gives too much info away?? Therefore, here's a few...
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    Luke Saber

    I only have spares of an A-wing, not great & no blaster and a Lando general, not too bad but no cape or blaster that would be anywhere near your requirements. But I was going to look to cash those in? Thanks
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    Luke Saber

    Hi Sorry for the late reply. I found one but could do with another saber only? Not sure what I have to trade though? Thanks Ian
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    Ok so not doing to well on here with my wanted posts, granted some a little harder to come by, so how about this. Does anyone have a really good C-3PO (original version) with good gold and fairly stiff limbs available please? Thank you
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    Luke alace Blaster

    :D :D I sure do.
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    Luke alace Blaster

    Alace :D
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    Luke alace Blaster

    Ok, I'll try my luck with this one. Any spare Luke Jedi Palace blasters out there PLEASE? Grey or brown is fine. Thanks
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