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    Celebration Europe

    I do miss those, meeting up with friends, hope there's another in the UK soon, will defo go full out this time
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    Your favourite underrated figure?

    Imperial dignitary, just love the purple
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    Cool story bro !!

    Cool , great indeed and the much more authentic chewy strap offer version too.
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    Surprised by Astons

    Pity was their last auction but surprised at some of the prices of damaged stuff
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    Palitoy Boba Fett poster

    Excellent poster
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    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    Thats Ashame, I do love the 30th figures
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    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    Just back from recieving a 95 grade
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
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    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    nice 20th anniversary card Monkey roo thats a sweet mandalorian Chiffy I think will be my next purchase, just wish somehow they had squeezed him and his weapon in a regular size box as not a fan of diff size boxes but will still overlook it this time I recently got this Mandalorian graded 90
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    Dark Side Toys-Thinking of buying from them? Dont.

    I did buy something from them at a comic con as they had exclusives but reading the thread about their online activity is not so good
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    Yak Face from Jabba's Sailbarge (Haslab)

    its a good price
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