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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 88 Launched

    Episode 88 : Bocra Fett (A little delayed this month due to some events beyond our control) Rich has spotted a photo on Facebook, taken in a Far East factory, where a team of workers are busy assembling Star Wars figures. The lads discuss what insights this might have for our hobby, and...
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 87 Launched

    The hosts are pondering a question of ethics - how should pursuing our hobby influence our public behaviour? Moving swiftly on, there are a plethora of new acquisitions from the team this month, and some great shout-outs from around the world wide web, including an excellent new collection...
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 86 Launched

    Episode 86: Star Wars and Hutch - The Vintage Rebellion Podcast The lads are in a nostalgic mood this month with a look back at Celebration Europe 3, which was 5 years ago this month. Panels, exhibits, costumes, celebs, swag and socials are all reminisced. Some great new acquisitions are...
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 85 Launched

    Episode 85 : May The Force Be With Euros - The Vintage Rebellion Podcast With the 2020 European Championship in full swing the lads have gone football crazy this month (yes, yes, yes... we've been getting too drunk and its a bit late), discussing which Star Wars action figures would make it...
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 84 Launched A fully vaccinated panel discuss what constitutes Vintage these days: Jason "Mr Palitoy" Smith is certainly known as a fossil, Andy Preston - ancient, Andy "Spoons" Norton - a relic, Peter Davis - a golden oldie and Richard - northern...
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 83 Launched

    An almighty 4 hours of Vintage Star Wars for Episode 83 and although a little later than normal we thought what better way to release on May 4th*. Our feature interview is with Dan Burgess, who can be found on Generation Skywalker TALKING MODERN MOSTLY! (the traitor), but is also a barmy vintage...
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    Modern for sale thread

    Ooh.. Anything with Rey on... I'm interested
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 82 Launched Andy and Chris talk to Eric Walker, author, musician, broadcaster and star of the Ewok movies, Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor. He shares tales of life on the set, working with Warwick Davis...
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