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    12 inch fett parts

    Bump need a rocket pack
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Found these at the carboot recently and they both cost 50p each Bargain!
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    Your top 5 Christmas films.

    I hear you. Raiders of the lost ark Temple of doom Back to the future The snowman E.T
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    how much!? Price bashing thread

    I'm sorry but I cant help myself £120 for a bow! WTF its sold too
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    Loose beater AtSt dtiver

    £2-3 I could trade for another vintage figure in similar condition
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    Loose Figure Valuation Req

    Dont sell Keep it and treasure it 👍
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    So been a long time since my fave songs thread died, revival inbound - what's you favorite album ??

    Dark side of the moon - pink floyd Wish - the cure Silent alarm - bloc party
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    Loose beater AtSt dtiver

    That's a confusing reply @colin310 are you looking to trade your vintage collection for something you do collect or are you looking too sell it My post is a want for 1x loose figure in bad condition for customising
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    Loose beater AtSt dtiver

    I'm having no joy Anyone?.... it's for Luke dagobah custom
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    Collecting now

    Hey Ian I'm with you on the space issue I've no room I need to downsize big time. I've 2 ATATs here in the loft I cant display them think of all the other vintage starwars that could instead take that room up they take. Do I need 2 no! I should really move them on but then I wont own then...
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    Collecting now

    I find the re releases of retro vintage style figures be it Starwars Heman or ghostbusters has put a damper on my collecting habits it's been abit of a kill joy. I still trawl for smalls (loose toys from the 1980 70s ) that brings s smile to my face. Vintage starwars is really expensive now...
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    Loose beater AtSt dtiver

    Wanted BEATER atst driver Tobe used for a custom so a headless armless broken very yellowed paint worn etc... I just want his legs really. Thanks
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Latest purchase a Custom factory made injection moulded ephant Mon in the style of vintage starwars if the line had continued by THENEXT17 Lovely Figure and fits right in it's a amazing figure I did a video of on youtube if anyones interested.
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