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    New SWFUK Facebook Group

    there are 4 Neil's and none are obvious to me....
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    New SWFUK Facebook Group

    I'll have a look... we only add names we recognise.
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 79 Launched

    Glad this one has been well received! Cheers guys and awesome Mark for your knowledge.
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    Re the Baggie guide

    Awesome news! So some certain US collectors are going to have to accept things now!!!
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 76 Launched

    perfect timing as it dropped yesterday! Thanks mate.
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 76 Launched

    Good question. Just checked and it's dropped by around 15%.
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    The Vintage Rebellion Episode 76 Launched

    Yeah Scott was so laid back and cool.... could have gone on for another hour easy with him.
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    Generation Skywalker

    Had a blast on this and looking forward to hearing it
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    Anyone Collecting From Vectis?

    I'm going tomorrow as I have a few items to collect
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    Early Bird Display Stand

    Yeah I'd say £100+ is about right. Not great condition.
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    Happy Birthday Richard_H

    Thanks guys much appreciated
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    Vectis mentioned on Daily Mail

    Vectis is based in Stockton on Tees. that is their main premises. It isn't in Durham though, that's the next County over.
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    Premier League 2019/2020 Thread

    All I can say is that Liverpool thoroughly deserved to win this and no other team except Wolves, Burnley and Sheff United and maybe Brighton can hold their heads up. Next season will be interesting for Man City - Losing Kompany last season has clearly hit them. No Silva plus whoever else...
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    Richard Joins Jedinews and Fantha Tracks

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    Early Bird Certificate Package

    Damaged ones are at least £200. One coming up at Vectis in August. Better condition... £350+.... sealed, a LOT!!!
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