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    Rocket fett

    Didn't the prototypes either have a Hong Kong COO or were blank, it's amazing how many Rocket firing Fetts have turned up in old ladies attics. Looks like a customised Taiwan job that someone paid £500 for.
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    Today on Facebook...

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    Is this allowed now? I thought items for sale had to be listed with a price.
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    Pop ups

    They dissappeared when I logged in, but the screen was plastered in them before for all sorts of things, trading platforms, online advertising even Haven Holidays.
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    Pop ups

    Is anybody else getting loads of spam advertising pop ups when they visit the site, just happened to me.
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    Change of Forum Ownership

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years making the site what it is 👍
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    Euro 2021 Thread

    Glad Portugal went out, couldn't have happened to nicer bunch of players, the walking bell end Ronaldo and the monumental **** Pepe. Bye.
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    Boba fetts(sold)

    New variant to me, a real blast from the past :)
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    Luke Skywalker DT lightsaber fair value?

    Pretty sure it's this one, posted this question on Rebelscum as well, and mentions that he has included a video in the listing on ebay.
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    Any Doctor Who fans?

    That might be the new 1950's police drama with Harry Styles, currently being filmed in Brighton, they have an old police box in the shoot.
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    Who's Who - Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the site, still got my Smurf figures, but not in the front window :)
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    Best vintage figure book...?

    This one Not sure if it's out yet or how you would get one as the Kickstarter campaign has finished, I guess some will turn up for sale on the secondary market in time, didn't go for it myself but it did look impressive.
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