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  1. _Lee_

    Facebook is taking over.

    Jesus Christ £2k???? It is absolute nuts. I've heard about some of the prices being kicked around - absolute madness. No wonder the hobby is becoming harder for people to break into - unless you have the money. The early to late 90s seems so long ago now - those were the days, even the early...
  2. _Lee_

    Facebook is taking over.

    As someone who doesn't have FB it's alarming how much it is actually dictating the vintage market nowadays. I suppose it hadn't been helped by the Ebay managed payments system but it seems as though the quality of stuff on Ebay isn't what it used to be. I've heard stories from others about how...
  3. _Lee_

    Fred Ward RIP

    Loved watching EFA as a kid and even watch it now. RIP
  4. _Lee_

    Old man moaning

    With regards to women's football my only issue is why we don't have this referee.
  5. _Lee_

    Old man moaning

    Why do football clubs employ stewards who are either: 1 - aged about 13 2 - overweight 3 - can't run for **** I've seen this several times this season at Kenilworth Road watching my beloved Luton. Pitch invasion at one game and the steward couldn't keep up with them. Seeing what happened to...
  6. _Lee_

    Need some help with Dengar and Boba comic adverts.

    Hi all Can someone give me an indication of which comics and number contained the original Boba Fett and Dengar Palitoy adverts? I'm looking to get one of each framed. I know 2000ad has a few but is there any others I can look out for? Cheers Lee Thanks Lee
  7. _Lee_

    Gone to ebay.

    Now available separately.
  8. _Lee_

    UK Price sticker cardback run

    Wow!!! Amazing collection. You seem to be a fan if mini rigs too!!
  9. _Lee_

    Gone to ebay.

    Hi all, Just a quick one before Ebay. Have this little lot available for. Helix Ruler - original 1977 not the reissue. £25 HCF rubbers x 3. Darth Vader in as new condition, leia used and missing lid and a used Gammorean Guard rubber.£15 Letraset items. 11 Star Wars envelopes with packaging...
  10. _Lee_

    Custom Joker guitar.

    So after Star Wars, The Dark Knight trilogy is my next collecting area. I have always loved Heath Ledger's Joker portrayal of the Joker. I've been a bit quiet lately on the prop front and pulled an old Jackson Dinky electric out of the loft to keep myself busy. I decided to carve a monkey grip...
  11. _Lee_

    Star Wars various for sale - Palitoy 41/45 reseals/original card grafted bubbles

    Hammerhead, Luke Xwing and Storntrooper SOLD.
  12. _Lee_

    I have an original Hans Solo Carbonite figure from the movie set,

    It's highly unlikely that you have an original prop. You may have a recast of he original ( which I have one of in my collection ) or the Illusive concepts one which is more than likely what it is. They didn't make anywhere near 6 for the movie. Regarding provenance, it has to be 100% proof as...
  13. _Lee_

    Star Wars various for sale - Palitoy 41/45 reseals/original card grafted bubbles

    Prices are not set in stone just a rough estimate.
  14. _Lee_

    Any Sheffield people about? Rare leaflet.

    Sorting through stuff this morning and found this. I bought it around 10 years ago and have never seen another. Just wanted to ask if anyone here went to this event :) Lee
  15. 20220502_133629.jpg


  16. _Lee_

    Star Wars various for sale - Palitoy 41/45 reseals/original card grafted bubbles

    Got these few bits available. Prices include UK postage. 3 x instructions lot for Scout Walker and 2 airfix kits £15 posted. Celebration Europe cardbacks £10 each posted. Have 10 available. 3 x Modern proof/comic con Revenge cards. Leia is very sought after and sells for £50 upwards. £75...
  17. _Lee_

    Anyone else collect items with UK pricetags?

    Love the Trilogo £1:59s too and have them all :)
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