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  1. poncho

    how much!? Price bashing thread

    I'm sorry but I cant help myself £120 for a bow! WTF its sold too
  2. poncho

    Loose beater AtSt dtiver

    Wanted BEATER atst driver Tobe used for a custom so a headless armless broken very yellowed paint worn etc... I just want his legs really. Thanks
  3. poncho

    How much!

    £270 just for a little green bit of plastic is ridiculous! Is that really what there worth now?
  4. poncho

    KO Laser Pistol

    Old school 1980s seaside/market laser pistol Depicting Falcoln Art Batteries Coroded Obviously Card warped bent ripped Slight Bubble lift but still sealec A real survivor £15 posted
  5. poncho

    New old stock display hangers find

    Stumbled upon this on my facebook feed l. How did they survive? Awesome find by someone
  6. poncho

    12 inch fett parts

    Just bought my self a knackered 12 inch fett. Wouldnt mind completing it. I need all the accessories. Anyone got anything. I'm not fussed if there broken eithier. Cheers boys 8)
  7. poncho

    Your favourite loose variant or top 3...go

    Abit of fun 1 han hoth molded legs (kenner) 2 dengar dark armour (euro/pbp) 3 although I dont own one (Takara) stormtrooper mold with screw in back
  8. poncho

    Archived AT-ST spares repairs SOLD

    £8.20 posted parts include side guns and chin guard. No top piece or hatch by the way
  9. poncho

    What you guys pay for this?

    Cleary a project for me. Thanks
  10. poncho

    Has the pandemic changed your attitude to your collecting?

    I've realised I need to downsize I really should display stuff what's the point in collecting if I cant show it. Maybe I should get rid of my high end stuff. now vintage starwars is more popular (lockdown purchasing and the influx of the mandalorian) and people are paying more for stuff that...
  11. poncho

    50 year anniversary figures
  12. poncho

    Introduced my 7 year boy to starwars (new hope)

    Even though hes 7 hes running along at 4 years old mentally. Long has he seen me collecting 'old rusty figures' He recognises the starwars logo and dark vader and he recognises laser swords. It's time I thought..... It's time to show him starwars 1977! He loved it! :D He jumped on feet when...
  13. poncho

    Why are we all tarnished so....

    I'm a admin on a general toy collecting toy group on FB. last night in our admin chat they all think all vintage starwars collectors are elitist arrogant above everyone else and are all twats. I thought this was very unfair why do we have such reputation. I've never took vintage starwars...
  14. poncho

    How do people display there loose in open space?

    As per title. I don't have a closed cabinet I have shelfs but dust is a issue. How do you display your loose in a open environment? I was dabbling in the idea of loose acrylic cases but that's an eye watering amount. Ideas thoughts. Thanks Chris
  15. poncho

    Digging through a simpler time. (Rubbish Treasure Showcase)

    During lock me and my son were walking through the locals woods were we came across a concealed clearing covered by Trees. As we were walking I spotted some old milk bottles and jam jars in the undergrowth what intrigued me was a couple of small pieces of old school lego. A couple of weeks...
  16. poncho


    Huge MASK find chile
  17. poncho

    CAS loose graded

    Not too sure on the glass backpack look. Looks really odd
  18. poncho

    Rewatched rise of skywalker

    Still thought it was meh as was the previous 2. Adam driver and that drivelly voice -shudder- There good watchable space films with starwars characters put in! But it's not starwars is it
  19. poncho

    Motu extendar

    Complete Some green discolouration Limbs extend head does but falls down again £25 posted
  20. poncho

    Archived Unopened 1982 omni cosmetics luke Skywalker belt kit SOLD

    A recent purchase. I normally hoard for ever. However i dont feel the love for this its smaller than I thought which is good for displaying. I'm going to put it up here and beyond the toys FB. Unopened omni cosmetics luke skywalker belt kit Signed by Nick Maley (esb yoda make up artist) Has...
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