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  1. jaymassive619

    Wolff Scam highlighted by the TIG Team

    Hi Guys i need to make people aware of the following thread - I have had a crazy 48 hours dealing with this family life and a chaotic work schedule guys so please bear with me. Cheers Jay
  2. jaymassive619

    To Han Duo who is clearly still reading

    Original Post Deleted Right i have spoken Han in chat and he is taking a backwards step to thing about things and wont cause anymore problems with the forum, chat or anybodies emails. Jay
  3. jaymassive619

    SWF Forum Security

    Well after yesterdays events a few questions were certainly raised. :!: Fact is Han was able to to sign up with a new username regardless of the fact that he was previously banned however way you look at this its very poor that this could have happened. I bet a pound to penny he is still...
  4. jaymassive619

    jangofettish is Scammer Han Duo aka Clint Robinson

    What out SWF users jangofettish is Scammer Han Duo aka Clint Robinson. Looks like somebody is gonna get ripped off in the secret santa! I think Bolluxs is away till Friday if there are anyother MOD's who can step in to look at the situation. His photobucket a/c is called clintrobinson He has...
  5. jaymassive619

    FS: Tri Logo Han Carbonite AFA 80NM CB 110GBP!!!!+ Shipping!

    Hi all i have the following item for sale - Tri Logo Han Carbonite AFA 80NM (C80-B-80-F85) Clear Bubble 140gb + Shipping! NOW JUST 110GBP!!!!!!!!! + Shippig Postage to the UK is 7.95gbp Special Delivery International is 20gbp via International signed for Payment via Paypal gift
  6. jaymassive619

    A little laugh for variant collectors ;)

    I saw this the action figure archive book and it made laugh
  7. jaymassive619

    T.I.G Needs You! - My new REPRO and Orig Weapon variant site

    Hi All Here is the link to my new website The Imperial Gunnery Its currently about 70% complete content wise. Please feel free to join the site as a member if you want and any feedback is much appreciated. I am also looking for pictures of original weapon /...
  8. jaymassive619

    **** for Sale!

    Hi All I was given these monstrosities they other a day so they are up for sale
  9. jaymassive619

    FS AFA 80 NM CB Leia Original ESB 31bk on eBay now!

    Hi All I have this for sale on eBay
  10. jaymassive619

    For Trade: C9 Loose figures inc variants take a peak :)

    For Trade Loose Figures! Most figures are in C9 - C9+ condition. I can provide more in depth descriptions and up close macro shots of any defects (where applicable) if anybody is interested in them. All weapons and accessories are 100% Original! Here Goes Luke Jedi Blue Saber standard Cape...
  11. jaymassive619

    Do people still believe the Green limbs chewie is a variant?

    Just saw a green limbs Chewie with metallic green bag :roll: FS on RS for 20GBP :?: :?: Do people still think this degraded 2 a penny figure is actually a variant still???
  12. jaymassive619

    Bring on South Africa! Well done England

    Buzzing! England destroyed Croatia 5 - 1 i love it 8 wins in 8 and we are off to the World Cup bring on Summer 2010. Capello is da man 8)
  13. jaymassive619

    Help Needed - Jawa Blaster REPRO or Original?

    Hi Guys i looking for some help on this one :wink: Here is a Jawa Blaster Variant that is suspected as been a REPRO. The weapon was discussed by Jawa Armory members back in 05 but it wasn't locked down either way. I haven't managed to locate any carded examples so if those with carded Jawa's...
  14. jaymassive619

    Looking to get pictures of original Lily Ledy weapons

    As the title says im loooking for pohtos of original Lily Ledy weapons and accessories. I am ideally looking for pictures as big as possible to allow me the ability to resize crop etc. Preferably taken on a white background (white paper works well) using a macro setting for the site im working...
  15. jaymassive619

    Some idiot Troll has put hundreds of trash posts on RS

    Some idiot Troll has put hundreds of trash posts on RS some people really are sad and mindless. I hope the little freak doesn't find SWF.
  16. jaymassive619

    8 Mint sealed VSTC MOC for just £60! Inc 2 bikerscouts

    As the title says the following 8 Vintage Saga Trilogy Collection figures are been offered up here for just £60! Payment via paypal (fee's in in price) Shipping will be extra and done at cost price :cool: (If you pay via paypal gift the fee's saved will be passed on in discount for you)
  17. jaymassive619

    FS: Top Toys Stormtrooper MOC!!!!

    I have the following item for sale Top Toys Stormtrooper MOC in C8.5 condition Please refer to pictures for condition. Bubble is clear crack and dent free. Weapon and tape are loose in the bubble. Card is very nice no creases some edge ware and a small ink smudge on the back of the card (see...
  18. jaymassive619

    The craziest Cut Card ever! lol

    This has got to be the craziest cut card ever lol. Why the **** would you do that? I can just imagine some plank of a parent cutting the whole logo out instead of the name plate (as practiced in the UK Palitoy offers) :roll: The craziest cut card ever!
  19. jaymassive619

    UKG providing an authentication service - Opinions

    Hi All I have started this thread as i have noticed that certain items on eBay have been authenticated by the UKG. As everybody knows the AFA doesn't provide an authentication service as its done by Tom Derby at C.I.B as quite obviously its a specialist area. E.g UKG VC Jawa with COA My...
  20. jaymassive619

    Anybody know about a shop selling vintage SW in Scarbrough??

    As the title says Anybody know about a shop selling vintage SW in Scarbrough?? A guy i know has told me there is one as he was there last weekend but he couldn't give me the address. :? Jay
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