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  1. jaymassive619

    Merry sw related christmas

    Merry Xmas Fellas i hope you all have a great Xmas :)
  2. jaymassive619

    Santa's/Weasel's Grotto

    Bloody hell Weasel how many Y Wings does 1 man need! :lol:
  3. jaymassive619

    palitoy 21 back on the bay....

    Its another one of Nathan Edwards ebay accounts probably the best known scammer on ebay i think there is literally hundreds of watch out threads about him on the Vintage SW Forums. At least this piece of crap can be indentified easily. Jay
  4. jaymassive619

    Tri Logo MOCs

    Do you have a list Marc there may be a few im interested in buddy. Cheers Jay
  5. jaymassive619

    PS3 Trades

    Anybody want Fifa 10 lol I will have to have a look i have quite a few PS3 games i dont play anymore. If anyone has Split Second Velocity i would defo do a favourable trade for it :) I also have Time Crisis 4 with the official Light Gun and HD TV Adapters that i would trade. Jay
  6. jaymassive619

    Palitoy Return of the Jedi Chief Chirpa MOC 65

    I think so bro its that good a deal imo ive nearly purchased it myself and i hate ewoks lol But my pursuit of a clear bubble Leia Boushh MOC has to come first. Someone will surely snap it up! Ebay can be real funny if it doesnt go this time bro i would put it on BIN £30 with Best Offer buddy Jay
  7. jaymassive619

    Palitoy Return of the Jedi Chief Chirpa MOC 65

    Not much buddy there has been a nice C8 one with a clear bubble thats went unsold a few times on ebay now and it was listed at 22GBP. Jay
  8. jaymassive619

    Why is no one bidding on this??

    The figures are probably beaters with REPRO Weapons as well!
  9. jaymassive619

    Fake hardcopy prototypes discovered.

    Or me or you LOL
  10. jaymassive619

    Fake hardcopy prototypes discovered.

    Bill its good to hear movement is been made in the proto scam i truely hope everyone unites to take action buddy.
  11. jaymassive619

    Fake hardcopy prototypes discovered.

    Who does that remind me of lol
  12. jaymassive619

    Fake hardcopy prototypes discovered.

    Josh the little dig there was honestly meant in jest mate. "Hair Dryer Treament" is a reference to Alex Ferguson the manager of Mancherster United - I still stand by the fact Bill getting blasted wasnt on though but its...
  13. jaymassive619

    fifa 11 .....your views

    I thinks its totally awesome John. The problem for me is i have an xbox 360 and a PS3 i have always play Fifa on the xbox but this time i got it on the PS3 as im a tight bastard and its free to go on line via the PS3. The problem im having though is im finding it harder to play it on the PS3...
  14. jaymassive619

    Fake hardcopy prototypes discovered.

    No probs Todd i like Andy did to me probably read the tone / meaning of your post wrongly then mate what your saying above makes more sense. (Mind its been a ****ing shitty few days and im on my 7th Double Vodka Red Bull at the minute) So if i need some help regarding a guide regarding fakes...
  15. jaymassive619

    Fake hardcopy prototypes discovered.

    Fair point Andy its down to individuals not forums 100% my comment was regarding the abuse nothing else though so please dont take my language out of context it certainly wasnt intended the way you have interpreted it. If you check Marks post at the top of Page 3 he said pretty much the same...
  16. jaymassive619

    Fake hardcopy prototypes discovered.

    Todd you sound like your proud that your creations fooled people and not genuinely sorry for ripping so many people off! Its almost like your bragging about it. (Lets see if you get the hair dryer treatment off old joshy boy) Bill you came to this forum to help out and got **** for it its a...
  17. jaymassive619

    Wolff Scam highlighted by the TIG Team

    Hi Guys i need to make people aware of the following thread - I have had a crazy 48 hours dealing with this family life and a chaotic work schedule guys so please bear with me. Cheers Jay
  18. jaymassive619

    60 George Lucas Stormtroopers

    Wow if you have 60 of these with unused mailer boxes it just shows how massed produced the modern style vintage stuff is as ebay is already saturated with these things. They tend to sell for between 10gbp - 15gbp these days as there is just so many of them about. I wouldnt list them all at...
  19. jaymassive619

    U grade fad dying off?

    I agree weasel whilst its awful to think of all the rare MOC variations destroyed through peoples ignorance im just so pleased that the U Grade market seems to be slowing down - lets hope it bottoms out completely! Jay
  20. jaymassive619

    U grade fad dying off?

    I agree Darren regarding the prices they seem to be really tailing off especially over the last 6 months! Anything other than U90 or an exspensive figure like POTF seems to seel for less than the costs of grading. I hate to see any collectors make a loss on items due to the ebb and flow in the...
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