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    Bring it on He-Man

    Just saw this posted on FB :lol:
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    Favourite figure character name

    We've had a lot of of most liked or disliked figures over the years but I'd be interesting to know who everyone considers their favourite name in the vintage line. Star Wars is full of clever word play and cool stories behind the characters names so which is your favourite or least favourite...
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    More scary repro ****

    This was recently posted on FB, getting worse and of course Ormes a huge fan.
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    Archived Loose complete figures for sale. ALL SOLD

    Hey fellas, Wanted to put these up for sale on here before trying Facebook. 8) Time for my first sale in a few years, figures are priced according to condition. Figures are complete and all weapons vintage. Please note I'm located in Australia so if you'd like a quote on postage drop me a...
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    Hey fellas, Just a quick apology for completely stuffing up the names of those who donated to Frank's gift on his card, it was honestly unintentional ( and incompetent on my behalf ) and will be made right. A huge thank you to all of those that took part and a special thanks again to Joe and...
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    Paypal not letting me send funds OS F&F payment

    Hey fellas, anyone else ever had this problem, trying to send some funds to the UK from Australia via F&F payment for the last few weeks and I keep getting a message saying this function is not available at the moment. Tried calling PP but gave up after 45mins and sent multiple messages through...
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    What's the shittiest non SW item you've bought on Ebay?

    I'm sure we're all guilty of it, I know I am. You're trawling through Ebay looking for that elusive Vintage SW item and then something takes your eye. Something you've never seen, something oddball something so left of field and cheap enough that before you know it it's yours. I'll start...
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    Website experts?

    Hey fellas, I have a basic website setup for my business and have noticed of late through my statscounter that I'm attracting a large number of hits from Russia. My spam into my email account has also risen significantly in the past few weeks to almost 40 odd spam emails a day ( most if not all...
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    More Orme garbage

    This time he's claiming someone has lent him these pieces so he can produce his fake rubbish. He's either full of **** or someone has actually lent them to him which is astounding if true. This pic was courtesy of Tan Tze Ing through the ESB collectors FB group. Here's a link to the post ...
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    Is this going too far?

    I get the whole it came from the Lucasfilm archive and all but really, it's a brown paper envelope.
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    Mike_the_Massive's 12" Leia's Hair Guide

    Hey fellas, cleared this with Mike as I used his guide over at RS to do the hair on my 12" Leia and it was invaluable. I've redone the guide to make it a little easier to read so with Mike's blessing please find his guide below.
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    Also looking for a Paploo staff

    Aww crap just noticed Clawrance is after one too so he gets first dibs but if anyone has another for sale after he's found his I'd be keen. Cheers Ryan.
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    How much for a label?

    It just gets worse by the day, seriously will NEVER understand this desire for perfection from 30yr old toys. :(...
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    M.U.S.C.L.E. lot and Bandai Super Machine Men Tank

    Hey Fellas, Thought I'd put this lot up on here before Ebay or Facebook. Looking for $100au / £50 for the M.U.S.C.L.E. lot + postage All figures are very clean there are 53 in total, comes with an original 20 pack bin and wrestling ring which has one broken clip. Also for sale a Bandai...
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    Thank you to Pat ( darth daddius )

    I know you're probably sick of me saying thanks mate but one last time. Talking with Pat a few weeks ago via PM I mentioned I was trying to put together a loose 12inch set. Pat kindly offered to send me a spare one he had in his collection for the cost of postage. It's this sort of generosity...
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    Loose graded Chewy F&ck up

    I've read it mentioned on here before about how they must have 16yr old snotty nosed kids working at AFA and I think this one adds some weight to that argument. Bandolier has not only slipped and become a very fashionable belt but they also put it on the wrong side :roll: . Seller must've been...
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    Loose 12 inch figures

    Hey Fellas, trying to put together a loose set of the 12 inch figures so if anyone has any of the following for sale please feel free to drop me a message. On a bit of a budget so not overly concerned about condition just so long as they are complete and not too trashed. Probably just going to...
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    R.I.P. David Bowie

    Absolutely gutted to hear this news, what a terrible few weeks for iconic Musicians. First Lemmy now Bowie. 2016 suck dogs balls so far.
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    Archived FS: Loose Takara 7 inch Chewbacca Vinyl figure SOLD

    Up for sale loose Takara 7inch Chewbacca vinyl figure, missing his bandolier and Bowcaster. Apparently considered the hardest to find of the 7inch Takara set. Price $150au OBO plus postage ( figure in Australia please get in touch for a postage quote ) Payment via Paypal only Cheers Ryan...
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    Tattoo on Jabba's arm

    I guess I've never really paid much attention to "the slime ridden piece of filth" before but just noticed in a pic of Jabba online that he has a tattoo on his right forearm. To my surprise looking at the Jabba playset the figure has the tattoo in the sculpt. I'm probably late with this tidbit...
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