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  1. indianawars

    Anybody want to give me $26 million?

    Have a look at this beauty for sale :P with my life savings, all I need is another 26 million dollars.... :lol: :lol:
  2. indianawars

    Newish Ghostbusters Trailer Looks decent.

    Anybody checked out the new Ghostbuster trailer? I have to admit, it looks promising :D Fingers crossed that the studios have used this extra time wisely to produce some quality films coming out :roll:
  3. indianawars

    Good Deal On This.

    These lightboxes look pretty cool. Already down to £69.99, but if you add the code "MERCH40" in the checkout, you can scoop it up for £41.99. Some other nice bits and pieces in the sale too.
  4. indianawars

    "Used Condition"

    What's going on with this lazy attitude towards item descriptions? I keep coming across items simply saying, "in used condition". Or the other one i seem to also keep seeing is, "refur to pictures for condition". Is this the new get out of jail card for sellers if you wanted to return an item?
  5. indianawars

    Your happiest memory of this Forum?

    Hey guys, I've been browsings the forum, and I'm a little bit sad :cry: This once-thriving cornerstone of the Star Wars universe is so quiet? I once struggled to keep up-to-date with the latest news and topics. I was thinking back to all the happy memories on this forum over the many years...
  6. indianawars

    SWFUK - Model Making Zone.

    I thought it might be cool to showcase some of your models. I personally enjoy building and painting model kits. I've just finished building the Bandai AT-ST. Maybe one or two minor details still to do, but it's a beautiful kit to put together.
  7. indianawars

    Zavvi - Gentle Giant Sale! An Extra 40% Off!

    Hey guys, Zavvi is having a big clear out of their Gentle Giant statues and busts. A massive extra 40% off their already discounted items. Add the code GIANT in the shopping basket and SHAZAM another 40% off! I've purchased the Zuckass and IG-88 statues the other day, and they're fantastic...
  8. indianawars

    Mattel in Trouble.

    Mattel seems to be on the ropes! The stock has plummeted 71% in five years, and they just turned down a takeover. Another giant might be about to fall. The article is here:
  9. indianawars

    A few lovely loose figures for sale.

    Hey guys, I'm letting go of a few lovely loose figures. Please PM me if you're interested in any of them :) All weapons are original/vintage. I post using Royal Mail second class, but if you want first, then please ask and I will give you the correct postage cost. The Emperor. Mint condition...
  10. indianawars

    I'm doing some fundraising if anybody has a few pennies to spare.

    Hey guy, I have decided to do some fundraising for cancer research, mainly for breast cancer. I would love the support from my fellow geeks, but will not be offended whatsoever (and I genuinely mean that) if nobody donates a penny. After all, the Star Wars celebration is only next week...
  11. indianawars

    Mark Hamill autograph for sale. (Sold)

    Hey guys, Would anyone be interested in a Mark Hamill autograph? The autograph was obtained by myself at Star Wars Celebration. My original intentions were to create a collage of signatures, but that's not going to happen now. I'm asking for £65 + free UK shipping. If anyone is interested...
  12. indianawars

    Bloody Smokers!

    Okay, this isn't a bash on smokers, live and let live I say. As long as you don't blow it in my face, I'm okay about it all. But what annoys me are sellers who don't disclose in the listings that they are smokers and the item has been exposed to the smoke. I've just received an item which I...
  13. indianawars

    PSA QuickOpinion.

    Hey guys, I thought I would share PSA QuickOpinion. Perfect for anyone looking for reassurance when purchasing autographs from eBay. I've used them a few times, and I always had the results back within 48HRs. Just a handy tool for any autograph hunters :)...
  14. indianawars

    15% Off eBay Today. UK

    15% off eBay today guys using "PRESENTS". I've just looked and you can use it on the toys and games category. I have sussessfully used it.
  15. indianawars

    A Few Star Wars Knick-Knacks For Sale.

    I have for sale a beautiful and complete AT-ST in working order which comes with a set of unused decals. Looking for £65 + £6.50 P&P. It'll be a medium parcel for sure. Next up are some unused Empire Strikes Back Burger King collectors glasses. No chips or scratches. Asking £40 for these...
  16. indianawars

    What baffled you most about the toys as a kid?

    So I never understood why Luke Bespin came with a yellow lightsaber! As a kid, I was convinced that I had a special Luke until every other kid had a yellow lightsaber with their Luke Bespin. I still have no idea what the reason was they decided to go with a yellow lightsaber, but as a kid, it...
  17. indianawars

    Archived Royal Guard - Unpainted Visor. (SOLD)

    Hey guys, I was digging around in the loft yesterday and came across this guy. I thought I had sold him ages ago as I couldn't find him. But here he is. I've always considered him to be a genuine unpainted Royal guard. Also comes with the pike. I've checked the figure under UV light and found...
  18. indianawars

    Has Anyone Experienced This With eBay Before? (UPDATED)

    I sold an item last week, item was posted on Tuesday and should have been received yesterday (I used Parcelforce24). The buyers PayPal and eBay address both matched, so that was the address I sent it too. It turns out that it was the buyer's old address, and I guess they never updated their...
  19. indianawars

    Is This Legit? Are CAS Grading Toy Toni MOCs?

    I know I've been away for a while but is GAS seriously grading toy Toni MOCs? It just seems bizarre to me. I guess it's another avenue for them to make more money :roll: (Please delete if this has already been discussed in my absence).
  20. indianawars

    Propstore / Star Wars Celebration Ewok Fur. (Sold).

    I'm selling my Star Wars Celebration Japan Ewok Fur display with Propstore COA from 2008. I'm asking £60 with free Royal Mail first class sign for P&P. (Now Sold). Obviously, the item will be well packed to prevent any damage in transit.
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