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    Ree-Yees 65 Back MOC NOW SOLD

    As per title Ree-Yees 65 back for sale, see photos for condition but it is a nice example. £70 which is including recorded delivery in a clam case and will be very well packed for delivery.
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    Acrylic Display Cases NOW SOLD

    Acrylic Display Cases for carded 3.75" figures. I purchased these from UK Graders and they are the slimmer ones for regular figures not for the likes of Gammy Guard etc. I have 5 of them all are in great condition. I think they are now abouut £13 each but im just after £8. Not sure postage cost...
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    Vintage Indiana Jones items for sale

    Ive got a couple of vintage Indiana Jones items, Belloq mailer UK graded 85% £135 which includes special delivery. The other is Cairo Swordsman moc, nice condition and lays nice and flat. £135 again includes special delivery and a protective star case.
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    Security doorbell cameras

    Hi I am thinking about buying one of those security doorbell cameras/video recorders, but I don't know which are good and which are not. I am looking for one that I can see who is at my door and take a photo if they press the door bell but also be motion activated. I would rather it was hard...
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    Yodel delivery w4nker$

    F**king Yodel delivery wanker left yet another package at my door so obviously it has been stolen!!! :mad::mad::mad: This is the 4th time the wee to$$er has done this and the package taken, despite multiple complaints and promises made by them it won't happen again! Trying to say it was left in...
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    The "Lost" Empire Strikes Back Documentary by Michel Parbot (1980)

    Just came across this apologies if a link to it has been posted before, I did have a quick search but couldn't see it.
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    Archived Cases NOW SOLD please ARCHIVE

    I have five in total, three of the larger ones and one of the smaller. Approximate sizes are 70mm wide, 135mm tall and 60mm front to back. The smaller ones are 60mm by 120mm and 50mm respectively. £4 for the big ones and £3 for the smaller. Postage same for one or all five, £3.95! I know don't...
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    40th Helix stationary set

    Anyone on here have an idea on the valuation of this?
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    A couple more MOCs

    A couple more guys, appreciate the help as always and yes these two will be for sale shortly too.
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    Amanaman moc reduced further

    Taking the average of these two from the evaluation thread I'm putting these two up for sale at £100 each, if you want please add the usual fees. The prices are including recorded delivery but if you want special delivery please £5 onto the price. They will of course be well packed and also...
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    A couple of MOCs

    Hi could someone give me a valuation on these two mocs please? They will be up for sale later on as I don't really collect them im more into baggies. Thanks in advance :) Oh the bubbles are a bit yellower than in the photos just to be completely honest with you all.
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    Amazon Echo SOLD

    Was given this as a present but I don't use it, not really into all this new gadgetry stuff. Think I tried it 2 or 3 times and it has just sat in the corner unused so better to sell it. £54 includes recorded delivery.
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    Archived Some Loosies ALL SOLD

    I bought a 3 pack mailer but as im not into loosies the figures that came with it are for sale. All £12 each which includes recorded delivery. Be rest assured all will be well packed. If anyone needs any better photos send me a message. I will of course combine postage and reduce each additional...
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    Loose Luke X-Wing

    As per valuation thread was advised of price, so £18 posted. Loose Luke X-wing with gun
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    Loose Luke X-Wing

    Just came across this in a box looking for something else, didn't even know I had it :lol: I don't collect loosies so just after a rough price before listing. I did float test on gun and tried submerging it too, it floats so assuming that it is genuine :?: Anyway here are some photos. Stamp...
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    A new level of madness

    We all know prices are going crazy now but this is way over all of that The thing is all bidders are private and maybe it is just me but...
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    Palitoy Rancor Keeper & Survival Kit Baggies

    As per title, fully sealed in great condition. £60 posted or add 4% paypal fees if you don't trust me :wink:
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    Ice Orb Floating Bluetooth MP3 Speaker Looks a bit like Jedi training remote

    Unwanted present, have only tested it for less than a minute. I have no use for it and it has been in it's box since so it is practically brand new. Comes in the original box with all the bits and pieces it came with. £65 posted.
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    HJC Kylo and Boba helmets

    Don't know if any of you ride a motorbike too but just discovered these and I think they look great although they are a bit pricey. Ebay #282229004646
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    Weird comments in the listing

    Came across this weird one while browsing (as you do), thought looks kinda interesting until you scroll down and read all the stuff in the details of the list and it's like WTF :?: :?: :?: :lol: #152309574060
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