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    There's a really interesting article on the BBC website today about collecting memorabilia. It's specifically about one guy's love of football and the collection he amassed over 30 years but I think it'll strike a chord for most of us on here.
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    Article about grading (trading cards)

    There's a really interesting article on 'Wired' about Pokemon card grading, which offers a lot of parallels with vintage SW grading. It's well worth 5 minutes of your time.
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    Archived SOLD ELSEWHERE Loose, complete CAP-2 mini rig

    A loose complete CAP-2 in nice, clean condition. It 's a 'Made in Macao' COO and comes with the remnants of a bi-logo box which also has 'Fabrique au Macao' on it. The box is incomplete and in bits so don't expect anything much! Happy to do this for £13 PayPal F&F including signed postage.
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    Bradford City fire: Thirty-six years on

    Today, 11th May, is the 36th anniversary of the Bradford City fire. The fire claimed 56 victims; 54 Bradford City supporters and 2 Lincoln supporters. I was 11 at the time and remember vividly seeing the coverage, then the next day hearing rumours that 2 lads from our school had died in the...
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    Stormtrooper - painted hands?

    I've had the Stormtrooper 3-4 years now. I bought it as part of a lot which had a mixture of genuine and repro weapons. All the other figures in the lot were fine but I'm not happy with the hands on this one; they really look like they've been painted with black gloss and are shinier than my...
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    Ben sabres - legit or repro?

    Can anyone help with a couple of Ben sabres please. I've stared at these till I'm nearly bog-eyed and I'm still not sure. First one: From TIG it looks like it's a flat transition/normal tip. It's a floater even when pushed under water. Second one: I've had this in my repro bag for ages but...
  7. peekaygee73

    For Sale: Cloud Car Pilot RotJ 48-back MOC

    For Sale: Kenner ROTJ 48-back 'Cloud Car Pilot' MOC. £120 + postage. CARD had some issues. I'll be completely transparent about these and hopefully don't make it sounds worse than it is. The most obvious is the damage on the right where the litho has been torn off. It's punched, there's wear...
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    CCP RotJ 48 back MOC

    It looks like I'll be moving this CCP MOC on. It's not in great condition as can be seen but it factory sealed. It also has the 'coin' sticker on the front. I notice loose CCPs seem to have gone nuts price-wise over the last few months so I really don't know how to price it, and I want to make...
  9. peekaygee73

    Die-cast Y-wing with box and bubble

    Can anyone help with a valuation on this die-cast Y-Wing with box and bubble? It was last valued on here about a year ago but I decided not to sell; now it's time to let it go. It's the box with the revised text(the very one seen on the cardback variations page of...
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    Luke Stormtrooper auction

    Anyone know why this Luke Stormtrooper has gone for such a high price?
  11. peekaygee73

    Archived SOLD Die cast Star Wars 'TIE Fighter' MOC Kenner 21-back

    Kenner Star Wars 21-back die-cast 'TIE Fighter' MOC. £60(PayPal F&F) plus £9 for UK next-day fully insured postage. It will be safely packaged, double-boxed with the bubble protected. SOLD. Not in the best of shape but a cheap way of obtaining a really nice looking Star Wars MOC. CARD has...
  12. peekaygee73

    Various vintage die-cast items

    I'd really appreciate some help with valuations on the following die-cast items: TIE Fighter Kenner 21-back MOC (open bubble on two sides).
  13. peekaygee73

    Archived Boxed VME & selection of cardbacks - SOLD, ARCHIVE PLEASE!

    Vehicle Maintenance Energizer £14 including UK postage SOLD The box is pretty knackered, as can be seen from the photographs! It does hold together though. The VME is in good condition, it needs a bit of a clean and some of the stickers are peeling, but it wouldn't take much TLC to get this...
  14. peekaygee73

    Weequay 65a MOC + cardbacks - valuation please

    I'd appreciate some help valuing this Weequay 65a MOC please. CARD is unpunched and really flat. There's a US price sticker on it and a tiny, tiny amount of damage on the front right edge of the card - follow the name plate on the front to the right side as you're looking. Otherwise it's a...
  15. peekaygee73

    Archived FS: Takara die-cast TIE Fighter MOC - WITHDRAWN FROM SALE

    I'm moving this on as I'm having a small change of focus. I'm looking for NOW £90 + postage (was £100 + postage). The card's glossy and unpunched. There are a a number of creases - on the front there's a vertical crease from the right of the hanger down to the bubble. The same crease veers off...
  16. peekaygee73

    Die cast TIE Fighter MOC (Takara)

    I'd appreciate any ideas on the value of this please.
  17. peekaygee73

    Archived SOLD - PLEASE ARCHIVE: AT-AT Commander & Klaatu Skiff MOCs

    Postage for First Class signed for is £5. I'll happily ship worldwide, but only fully insured. The figure will be sent fully protected in a star case (or other manufacturer equivalent!) with plenty of packaging. ATAT-COMMANDER TRI-LOGO - £60 SOLD The card's flat and unpunched but has a couple...
  18. peekaygee73

    Tri logo ATAT Commander & 79-back Klaatu Skiff MOC valuations

    I'd appreciate some help with valuations on thesetwo. The ATAT commander card is flat but has several heavy creases across the card. Bubble is sealed but crushed pretty badly, and it feels like there might be a small crack on one of the corners - difficult to tell with the crushing.
  19. peekaygee73

    EV-9D9 arm swap

    So I have two vintage EV-9D9 figures; one which only has a right arm and one which only has a left arm. In both cases the arms are still attached and pretty stiff. I'd really like to take an arm from one to use on the other without causing any damage to the figures or arms. Does anyone have any...
  20. peekaygee73

    Need help identifying action figure accessories

    I received these in a lot of SW figures and I don't recognise them. Does anyone know what line they're from?
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