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  1. grinchy

    My bluray and dvd movie collection, feel free to add your own

    So as well as a collection of Star Wars, i have a collection of movies, i don't mind streaming and have Amazon Netflix and Disney+ to, but i prefer to have an actual physical copy of the movie i have a bluray cabinet in the living room and its full, lol i have one other shelf in the living...
  2. grinchy

    grinchys new star wars room

    Well my son has moved out to go to London university, so i nabbed his room, bigger than the one i had now, :D here it is, just gotta throw a few shelves up
  3. grinchy

    legacy falcon and x wing weathering job

    I did this a few years ago now, but ive took some more pics today, the large legacy falcon is packed with details but only has a basic paintjob out of the box I mixed up some acrylic glazes in blacks and browns and brushed it on liberally all over the falcon, working a small area at a time...
  4. grinchy

    New gold anniversary line coming soon

    Found these pics online, I quite like them, very similar to what we got at the silver anniversary but done in gold this time, I know they are all repacks like before
  5. grinchy

    Ralph mcquarrie 30th annivesary concept figures

    Thought I would share my collection of McQuarrie figures, in the 30th wave they were a subline, and covered some of the concept drawings that Ralph had created for the characters Here they are in no particular order, a few were comic con and celebration exclusive figures First up chewie and 3p0...
  6. grinchy

    ralph Mcquarrie signed card shadowbox display

    Heres a project I put together a couple of years ago Got this signed trading card from Lee on here, (i'm thinking it was him apologies if not)Ralph only signed his initials in later life due to parkinsons making his hands shakey, so I was glad to have this later signed item, yes I know its...
  7. grinchy

    Black series 6 inch scale Tie fighter this is a beast of a toy, its massive

    So I first saw this toy back in 2016, in toysrus, loved it but the price was around £150, so I reluctantly passed on by Fast forward to now and a friend has one and is selling up, best part is its a boxed example for £35 quid,bonus! The wife bought it for me for Christmas so its wrapped by the...
  8. grinchy

    Legacy falcon paintjob, also x wing, a bit of paint goes a long way

    Thought i'd share these repaints I did of the big millennium falcon toy of a few years ago, and the oversized x wing toy Hasbro put out recently The falcon is a great toy, it has movie sounds and phrases, and it also lights up, only problem with it is its a bit plain, I fixed that with a lot of...
  9. grinchy

    yoda figure for sale, £14.00 delivered in the uk

    Here we have a yoda figure, missing his cane and snake, asking £14.00 delivered on him Next up free just pay postage £4.00, missing the dome but otherwise in good order
  10. grinchy

    Archived mtv beater sold please archive, cheers!

    Here we have a beater MTV7, its in good order apart from the tip of the gun is missing, be good for a kid, box has been cut down a bit on one flap I assume to aide in wrapping and sending it, just pay postage i'd say around 4 quid Cheers
  11. grinchy

    various cardbacks for sale including a couple of palitoy

    Decided to sell my cardback collection price is plus postage at £2.00 in the uk £5.00 international First up a 20 back luke with name cut out, displays nicely,£15 and a 12 back stormy £20.00, stormy is missing the hanger tab reeyees cardback £6.00, atat driver sold £8.00,unpunched han...
  12. grinchy

    various cardbacks, need help on value

    So I've decided to part with my cardback collection, need some help on value please card has tickmarks on the rear
  13. grinchy

    when will we get a Deluxe version of Rogue 1 on bluray

    Just wondering if anyone had heard when the deluxe version of rogue one is coming, we've had the basic version with limited extras, but they must be doing one with a commentary and alternate ending etc, any ideas?
  14. grinchy

    I'm going to be a granddad!

    Yup my eldest daughter Gemma and her partner Hope are expecting their first child, due in may next year, very happy for them My daughter is a big fan of the movies, so the child will be raised right, :D Can't wait to be a granddad, I'm sure I'll be a soft touch :D
  15. grinchy

    home and bargains got new 6 inch black series in

    Thought i'd make another post letting you guys know about the new wave of black series in home and bargains now £5.99
  16. grinchy

    new 40th anniversary figures from hasbro

    Just seen this online the new figures for the 40th wave, non poseable diecast with base and inserts link with info Also 6 inch scale static pieces like the star wars unleashed line , I'm impressed,
  17. grinchy

    does hasbro have anything planned for the 40th anniversary?

    Hasbro have been pretty lame over the past few years pretty basic lines even black series has not been that exciting, and 5 POA as apposed to the multi articulated figures we have been used to Has anyone heard anything about a new 40th anniversary line?
  18. grinchy

    reaction jaws shark for sale

    Have this for sale £28.00 delivered in the uk
  19. grinchy

    Dengar baggie, advice please

    Put a last minute bid in on this, i'm wondering if I bought a lemon or not, I didn't pay a lot for it
  20. grinchy

    May the Toys be with you, vintage toy exhibit

    New exhibit on in Southport Liverpool, went there yesterday with the wife, I thought it was very interesting, some great vintage, all owned by matt fox, great to see in person stuff i'd only seen online Had some great posters to, and a concept poster for the uk quad poster by Tom Beavais, happy...
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