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    Good to know!

    To be fair, his rear is very clean :lol:
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    Mint OFF Card

    Some one should really point out to him what the "O" in MOC stands for :lol: 352382953708
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    Now call me an old cynic, but has anyone ever heard of German star wars Grader? Or......(and I could be wrong on this) has this muppet just put his own label in an acrylic case, and is trying to pull a fast one? :shock...
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    What a total helmet!

    Yes folks, its that time of years again, out with the paint stripper and the beater Leia Boussh helmet and see if we can swizz some dumb noob or their other half into falling for this worthless piece of poodoo...
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    VC JOWA anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone here won this one?
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    Arnt you a little anatomically correct to be a stormtrooper?

    Stormtrooper armor was always a bit useless, but even so :shock:
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    I may be wrong but........

    I may be wrong but...... I thought burgundy caped bibs were LL only and never found on Palitoy cards??? Can someone with more knowledge chime in?
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