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  1. lejackal

    The imaginatively titled Premier League 21/22 Thread

    You’ve got another few years of Ole from the looks of it
  2. lejackal

    Bi-logo Boxed AT-AT

    Probably £300
  3. lejackal

    Collection update

    That looks a good book, and postage costs aside, excellent value compared to every new Star Wars book at over 50 quid
  4. lejackal

    The imaginatively titled Premier League 21/22 Thread

    AFC Bournemouth is bad enough 😂
  5. lejackal

    WTB: ROTJ Meccano Cardbacks

    There’s a Han on Echo base auctions on Facebook. Not sure when it ends though?
  6. lejackal

    Retro Gaming For Sale

    Fiver posted for these Spectrum games
  7. lejackal

    Latest Acquisitions

    Well that’s winning the internet today
  8. lejackal

    The imaginatively titled Premier League 21/22 Thread

    They've actually beaten us a couple of times in recent years so I’m not holding my breath. the two following fixtures are Chelsea and City so we’ll likely be bottom half and presumably calling for Artetas head on a spike 🙄😂
  9. lejackal

    Original VHS cassettes - worth keeping?!

    Star Wars looks pre cert (no green triangle with U) so could be £40-60 The other two might do £5 each
  10. lejackal

    Retro gaming new acquisitions

    I feel sorry for whoever they paid 50p for it😂 looks like a stunner though!
  11. lejackal

    Collection update

    Thanks Ian. Here are some pics of the spikes. The top one looks like a different plastic but does have age 🤷‍♂️
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  16. lejackal

    Celebration Europe

    Did you get the Star Destroyer to display them?
  17. lejackal

    Premier League 2020/2021 Thread

    21/22 thread is up… @SAVORY100 are you doing fantasy football this season?
  18. lejackal

    The imaginatively titled Premier League 21/22 Thread

    This is probably a bit overdue, the fixtures are out and we’re about 3 weeks away from Arsenals return to the top* *for one day only, subject to terms & conditions
  19. lejackal

    Celebration Europe

    It wasn’t x-pack, it was @mumbo. Got there in the end!
  20. lejackal

    The Listening Post.

    That throne room looks like a winner to me!
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