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  1. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    How bigs your gaff lol
  2. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    :D 11 Hahaha
  3. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    Your lass will be ****ing leagal now as well I guess haha
  4. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    Yeah fell out of love with it . Need to do something that interests me know. What age do you foster.
  5. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    Been with new wife 11 so apart from 1 or 2 posts when thought bought collecting again it must be at least 10
  6. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    Morning. Your username seems familiar.
  7. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    Trying to get my head round this new lay out
  8. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    jayjedi all good.. you look like you got out.of pushing.mud up wall. I.m after getting out..gonna send me to a early grave mate Michael Sith hows you . Was just gonna ask how that yank was keeping.
  9. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    StarWarsFan your only 33 . Were you on here 15 years age
  10. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    Just said to wife . Must be 15 years . May have posted once or twice in between. Used to have some ****ing laughs some nights . Then ex wives went nuts over everything. Still think edd_jedi needs them coins back at top of screen
  11. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    weasel a moderator. Hows everyone doing these days
  12. jabbawokkie

    TK-7785's Sales Thread - MOCs, Mint Loose Complete and more

    Interested in the Vader £ 25 . Can you message me please
  13. jabbawokkie

    Wtb minty

    Darth Ben Dsc Complete with original accessories no repro Thanks
  14. jabbawokkie

    Vintage for sale in filey

    Just a heads up there a vintage toy shop in filey selling quite a few old consoles action figs . Nice corner of sw stuff if anyone was in area
  15. jabbawokkie

    Retro gaming/raspberry pie

    I,ve got one the n64 games are glitchy . The c64 are painful as you need a keyboard . Speccy and c64 games have your attention for bout 5 seconds . SNES n megadrive n arcade are good but to me just seem to dated to what you can play today
  16. jabbawokkie

    Vintage sw in Netflix series strange things

    Quick hello as been a while . Hope everyone's well. Been watching strange things and thought ye might want to know episode 2 n 3 contain a bit of vintage . Warning ep 3 might break ye hearts a little
  17. jabbawokkie

    Planning permission

    I thought you need planning for a loft conversion if it's gonna be a bedroom , as you need fire escapes etc .....I,ll do ye plastering cheap for a ten seconds super market sweep in ye collection room hahahahaha
  18. jabbawokkie

    Talk about new Star Wars movie, do not read if you have NOT seen it

    Thought it was great even though it was at times like a remake of the originals .fav bit has to be when they came across falcon . One thing I can't stop comparing ren to is it darth helmet out of space balls.and is Rey his twin ,Han and leias daughter
  19. jabbawokkie

    Rotherham this sunday
  20. jabbawokkie

    If only ...

    I,m gonna post this on ye face book lmfao ................only kidding . How do you know she don't like ye
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