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    Princess Leia Organa

    Hi all Slight shift in requirement as want to finish my mail away first 12 display. Therefore WLTB a nice original & complete Princess please. Oh and still need a Luke saber with tip. Thanks Ian
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    Ok so still new round here but got a little carried away. Anyway, loving my new case from Drew and after reading Ed's advice I feel 2 big dogs, 13 external cameras and a shotgun licence are sufficient cover considering I don't think the post gives too much info away?? Therefore, here's a few...
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    Ok so not doing to well on here with my wanted posts, granted some a little harder to come by, so how about this. Does anyone have a really good C-3PO (original version) with good gold and fairly stiff limbs available please? Thank you
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    Luke alace Blaster

    Ok, I'll try my luck with this one. Any spare Luke Jedi Palace blasters out there PLEASE? Grey or brown is fine. Thanks
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    2-1B Probe

    Hi all Anyone have a spare of the above please? Thanks
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    Hoth Stormtrooper Skirt

    Anyone have a nice example of the above spare please? Thanks
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    Blue/Black Rebel, Smuggler Blaster

    Ok so I appreciate some of my wanted items are on the tougher side to find, therefore surely someone must have a spare of the above please? Many thanks
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    WTB Ideally a really good example of a complete A-Wing pilot. Alternatively just the figure as mine needs upgrading and I may have located a blaster? Thanks
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    Luke Saber

    Evening Someone on here must have a nice complete Luke Farm Boy saber too many?? Thanks
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    Lando General Cape

    Hi all. Not sure if this is in the correct place so apologies if not? I have a really good Lando General and the cape, albeit it nice and neat still does have a couple of stains on. Anybody tried washing one or have recommendations foe cleaning please? Thanks
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    Luke Stormtrooper

    Happy new year all. After something of a frantic finish to the year, including a nice Christmas surprise, I only need one figure to complete my loose run. I still need a Luke Farm Boy complete saber, a gonk antenna and a black Endorsement Blaster :shock: but my main focus is finding a really...
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    Endor Blaster

    Anyone? Please.......🤞🏻
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    Sabers & blaster

    Ok, bit of a long shot but before I scour elsewhere can anyone help with nice/mint examples of the following please? Luke (farm boy) saber Ben saber Vader saber Luke Poncho/Lando General blaster Many thanks
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    General Mdine Staff

    Hi Guys Little help here if possible please. The pics aren't the best but wondering if anyone can give a definitive ruling on the authenticity of this staff? It's one item it seems doesn't have a lot of detail on TIG? Sorry for the poor pics. Thanks Ian...
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    Back at it!

    Hi Guys New on here and first post so forgive me if I'm not sure what I'm doing? Finally getting around to this...... for the second time. Like lot's of you my dear Mom gave away my complete set of figures & ships many years ago (pre last 17). I then completed a set in the 90's only to leave...
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