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  1. jabbawokkie

    Give me ****ing strengh

    weasel a moderator. Hows everyone doing these days
  2. jabbawokkie

    Wtb minty

    Darth Ben Dsc Complete with original accessories no repro Thanks
  3. jabbawokkie

    Vintage for sale in filey

    Just a heads up there a vintage toy shop in filey selling quite a few old consoles action figs . Nice corner of sw stuff if anyone was in area
  4. jabbawokkie

    Vintage sw in Netflix series strange things

    Quick hello as been a while . Hope everyone's well. Been watching strange things and thought ye might want to know episode 2 n 3 contain a bit of vintage . Warning ep 3 might break ye hearts a little
  5. jabbawokkie

    Rotherham this sunday
  6. jabbawokkie

    Minty loose sale

    Well that time again . Think I may as well give up on owning a loose collection. Don't start Todd as I need to raise some funds for i v f Asaph. Anyways got a fair few minty figs for sale . I know I,m being lazy at min but if anyone's after anything let me know .i.ll do full listing later just...
  7. jabbawokkie

    Emulator urgent help

    Need help urgent. My mane emulator has suddenly started to not go up or down on joypad .tried both joy pads and lap top and PCs .same problem on both . Not changed any settings and can't sort problem .. Be grateful for any help as need me retro gaming fix at least twice a week Desperate Ps...
  8. jabbawokkie

    Big. 40

    Like most of you it's finally upon me . Anyway having a fancy dress party so asking for ideas. Can be up to a foursome but trying to stay away from star wRs
  9. jabbawokkie

    Tie pilot ghost

    What these worth please . It's not in great shape .bout c6
  10. jabbawokkie

    Hardest autograph

    I don,t collect these but read another post and just wondered which is hardest to get and adds most value.
  11. jabbawokkie

    X wing and dearths tie fighter

    Both played with but in very good condition and full working order.just after a rough price and if anyone's interested let me know. Lad would be willing to swap for wrestling figs
  12. jabbawokkie

    Han Solo n fett prequels

    Saw this in the sun today.More excited for this then new film. The solo one tells how he got the falcon and fell out with jabba.The fett one is about him stealing the plans for Death Star . CANT WAIT
  13. jabbawokkie

    Super minty Luke farmboy

    As titled .vintage sabre no repro
  14. jabbawokkie

    Bend ems request

    Found a sand person carded bend em from 94 .i think Just wondered if it's worth buying .shop owner made me laugh as she said she wants a tenner but would take a fiver lol. Move if needs to be in modern
  15. jabbawokkie

    Wtb wrestling figs

    Mainly hulk hogan ,undertaker with long hair and jake the snake
  16. jabbawokkie

    Ched evans

    What everyone make of this .the kids done what he's done.horrible thing .served his time but can't get to play again cause people kicking of and sending death threats wtf.. Can't work out point of a punishment system if once ye served ye time ye still get punished.
  17. jabbawokkie

    Lego mini figs

    I get lad these but I,m guessing some of your collect em .There about £3 each and there's different sets. Anyway,a few months back they released a set with so many limited edition gold figures.Did anyone get one or know someone who did
  18. jabbawokkie

    Archived Few cheap figs

    Endor soldier £1 no weapon Hoth commander £2 original weapon Both soldier£3 original weapon Plus postage which is what it is PayPal gift All in very good condition. Trying to upload pics but photo bucket won't let me
  19. jabbawokkie

    ebays fixed

    is it just me this happens to.If I see some thing going at a steal if I wait to bid price always goes high .if I forget bout end of auction it always sell for peanuts
  20. jabbawokkie

    Doncaster toy fair 31st dec

    Donny race course
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