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    NY Annual Review

    If you ever get an opportunity to go to one of these you must go!
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    New Kim Simmons book - bulk order

    I've had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Sheehan who co-author a new book from Kenner photographer Kim Simmon. Rather than all of us buying books from the States and paying a shed load of shipping we can club together. It is $50 in the States but I don't know UK price yet. Who is interested...
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    Celebration Anaheim 2020

    VIP sold out in minutes as expected 4 day Adult sold out in around an hour :o Got mine after a 40 minute wait
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    Dixie Cup Lot

    68 Jedi and 4 ESB Dixie cups. Some multiples. £25 + £3 U.K. p and p. Add 4% for fees if you pay g and s.
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    Fake Mailers Tom Derby Verdict

    Copied from Tom Derby on FB: PSA About Fake Mailers Originating from UK Dealer As many people on these groups are aware, suspected fake bagged vintage Star Wars figures continue to originate from a well-known seller in the UK. The quality of these suspected fakes ranges from easy to spot to...
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    Virgin Media are total tools

    To cut a long story short been a VM customer for about 10 years, then switched to Sky for about 12 years, then started to rethink TV. Sky broadband in my area is pretty crap - 2Mbps at best. So I got Virgin back for a good price and upped to 100Mbps. Cancelled Sky and have the basic shittiest...
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    Dr Aphra 3 pack SDCC Exclusive

    Back up again at Their IT system is a joke and took a while for me to get through.
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    Has been posted online weekend of 4th and 5th August
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    World Cup Sweepstake

    Just 11 places left for those who’ve not seen it.
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    swfuk World Cup Sweepstake - VIDEO on Page 5

    Any interest? 32 teams. £3 each 1st £40 2nd £30 3rd £16 Sunderland £10 I’ll collect PayPal 1. Rich - paid 2. Edd - paid 3. theforceuk - paid 4. weasel - paid 5. Carl - paid 6. Mini99 - paid 7. cardbackkid - paid 8. darthbobby - paid 9. poncho Chris - paid 10. Thejabbawookie - paid 11. yoda...
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    Kenobi Movie

    Seems like it's moving finally
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    Hoth 2018

    In two days I will be heading to Hoth (Finse in Norway) with a few fellow collectors. I'm meeting Gonzalo Diaz in Amsterdam before joining the Fantha Tracks guy in Bergen. Pictures to follow but needless to say I am really excited.
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    3 more movies announced from GoT Writers

    let the whinging begin. However, think about it. KOTOR? Made for TV movies. These seem to be different.
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    First time I've seen this....

    Utter garbage
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    End of 2017 Onto 2018

    So how did you do in 2017? Here were my goals: 1. 12" loose collection. (need Leia comb, Obi-Wan Saber and Han Medal) - completed Leia other two outstanding 2. Orange and Green Topps cards full sets - got a full set of green 3. The final 5 Sigma mugs I need - didn't get a single one...
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    Rich's Getting There Collection

    Not sure how a loose collector ended up with this but here's my latest loose and not loose collection. I now need to figure out how to display the ships and vehicles.
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    TVR Quiz Help

    Dear fellow forum members. I need a hand creating a bank of answers to some simple questions. In a few weeks time you're going to hear my fellow podcasters whining like the little bitches they are and screaming cheat! You can help me by deflecting the blame. All I need is you to answer some...
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    Valuation Requests and PM Deals

    As some of you are aware I helped I guy out for valuation requests and expressed an interest in one item. I didn't get a chance to buy the item as another forum member made a pm deal before the sales thread came through. It's annoying, it sucks, but life's too short and we have to move on...
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    Prototype Box Flats

    Would you if you had the money?
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    Star Wars at the Movie Podcast

    If you don't already know check this podcast out hosted by Stephen Danley from the Chivecast. It's 40 mins long and his first guest is Mark Newbold who talks about SW in his home town in Cannock. The amount of research that's gone into this is staggering and it's great listening to a first...
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