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    Happy Birthday db94

    Happy belated birthday
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    Other Vintage Collections

    They pop up less often but usually cheaper
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    Other Vintage Collections

    Sweet action man items Spoons Cool MOTU display scarfaceone Nice indiana jones figures and big trouble in little china Palifan. Heres my GI Joe proof card
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    So many people presume i am all about star wars

    This **** still happens on a daily basis, people always posting stupid **** on my FB page and tagging me like darth vader dancing, selfie sticks stormtrooper pics and so much more
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    Fame - at last!

    Well done
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    Show Yourselves!

    me and my mate in london
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    Happy birthday Capetown

    happy birthday
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    outbox messages

    A couple of times i have had a message in my outbox that i decided to delete as unread, so if i delete it while its still not read will they see it ? As once i got an email saying i have an unread message but when i logged in it was gone.
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    The dangers of liberating figures from AFA cases!

    I have removed 2 figures from cases, the second one was real easy though, i put some scissors through the slot and instead of the bottom breaking the back started lifting and the glue loosened on the back and then i kept manoeuvring the scissors and the whole back of case was removed without...
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    Sick ****

    I am against any type of hunting for sport, legal or not, and so glad this cunts going to be living in fear the rest of his life especially after seeing some of his other gloats. absolutely no need for it all, so many people are sorry after they are caught... tough ****
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    If only ...

    8 years dang... Some good advice there but unfortunately I like what I got for now. Was and still am really good friends with her sister who i use to work with and one day she brought her sister along to eat and from there started our friendship, i speak to both on a daily basis as they usually...
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    If only ...

    I would convert to islam if it meant I could marry her, albeit it I would only be a pretend muslim as i fkn hate religion, especially that one :) but i overlook it in her case although i do have my digs lol I pretty much think its the age thing though and i understand that completely. I once...
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    If only ...

    We go out to eat a few times a week and we chat all the time, the catch is she is only 21 and a muslim and has made it perfectly clear what we have. Pity we cant have the things we want in life and sucks i was born in a different timeline, saying that though she said even if i was same age i...
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    If only ...

    In my world shes my girlfriend, in her world we are just friends, I just wish we lived in the same world it sucks as one day she will find a guy to spend her life with and it wont be me....tbe lucky ****. lol Cant post this on FB as on my friends list :)
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    Thought about quitting...

    No need to quit, collecting and forums go hand in hand and if u dont collect u dont forum then you lose 2 forms of happiness, i belong to many fb groups and many forums but i dont really post much in any, i still enjoy a good read though, i am not actively collecting right now but still check...
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    I always put something like £5.00 postage on most of my items (unless free p&P) even if i know it will be more as £5 sounds better than £7.80 and i take the hit as its only a couple of quid, occasionally though i have sold something light and had put £2.00 postage and its come to maybe £1.60 but...
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    Happy Birthday Iain

    Have a good birthday
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    Happy birthday Joe.

    happy birthday
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    I had to LOL @ Lee Gray

    I was about to go out and get a kebab just before seeing this thread, but gonna get one now.
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    I had to LOL @ Lee Gray

    Atleast donate a bit of cash if gonna slag me off ;) infact im pretty sure i only got the 1 donation because i didnt bother activating the account
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