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    Celebration Europe

    I do miss those, meeting up with friends, hope there's another in the UK soon, will defo go full out this time
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    Your favourite underrated figure?

    Imperial dignitary, just love the purple
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    Cool story bro !!

    Cool , great indeed and the much more authentic chewy strap offer version too.
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    Surprised by Astons

    Pity was their last auction but surprised at some of the prices of damaged stuff
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    Palitoy Boba Fett poster

    Excellent poster
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
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    Buying in the 80's how we used to buy figures

    I have a few recollections The most vivid was when the figures were reduced to 50p and there was a shop in fulham called patricks and they had about ten dengars in the window but i was too embarrassed to go in a shop just to spend 50p (i was at that age) I got my nan to go into get me it, she...
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    Latest Acquisitions

    nice jawa UKS nice watch DB94
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    i listened to the new groups section and I have to agree, I do feel its more of an ego thing than anything else as there are already plenty of groups out there but the same thing goes for certain collectors who seem to love the limelight and adoration. I remember a member here made their own...
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    Vectis 26th June

    So many times I forget about these vectis auctions until i see a post the next day talking about it...... I had a little spare cash too this time
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    Grading and shill bidding issues that have come up

    I have never understood why anyone would send a lose figure with that much face damage to get graded, its just not worth it....however the fact it got an 85 instead of a 60 is mind boggling
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Nice Imp Dig, Benny Love the madine, Stormcab
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    Grading and shill bidding issues that have come up

    Just for the record I vouch for UKG. I have used them many times and although most my items i have sent in have been dead mint to guarantee a high grade, I once sent in a tri yak face that i was sure would get an overall 80 grade with card being almost perfect apart from a small stain on the...
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    Grading and shill bidding issues that have come up

    Yet to read the Facebook post as doesnt load. I personally like graded items and i like getting my item's graded as a bit of fun, i am not dumb enough to need others to tell me what condition my item is in, I know fully well or wouldnt send them off. I always buy graded now as too many times...
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    Palitoy Jedi Fett project

    its no longer a Toy Toni but now a Michael Sith ;)
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    Unique Action Figure smell!

    Always remember the Tie Fighter pilot smelling of some type of berries and the Smell of the vinyl capes
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    Dengar Release Order?

    The offer started in may and ended 31st August 1981 and it said allow 28 days for delivery so between June and September he was posted.
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    My California Trip - Rancho Obi-Wan and Endor!

    Cool, some nice photos
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    Don't You Love It When...

    2 months back an item was being sold for 30 with BO so i offered 25, he came back to me with 29, a sodding quid reduction so i left it, its still on ebay now 27.50 and i would have said yes otherwise no point in having best offer
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Nice set, good to give him extra legs,
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