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  1. _Lee_

    Look Sir, droids. Sandtrooper

    So I found a set of Trooper armor that I had forgotten about after moving house 3 years ago. It's a mix up of ABS, Fiberglass and god know what else but it was not in a good state and cracked discoloured etc. I was going to buy new ABS leg armor as FG is a pain in the ass to work with, but I...
  2. _Lee_

    My heap of junk.

    So my lad has not played with any of his Star Wars toys for a few years now as he has found, girls, phones and gaming. We were putting some stuff in the loft and he passed me his 29" Falcon. When I saw it I thought I'd do a little paintjob and he said he no longer wants it anyway. So after a...
  3. _Lee_

    PayPal and Ebay - what's going on??

    So after all the managed payments business kicking in when are sellers unable to use PayPal to accept payments??
  4. _Lee_

    Super Console Xpro 256 Anyone got one of these? Thinking about buying one for the nostalgia and the 50000 games - some wont work or are duplicated I know, but...
  5. _Lee_

    WTB: Original PS1 and PS2 EVEN FAULTY!

    Hi chaps, Im looking to purchase an Original PS1 first edition and Orginal 1nd Edition PS2, both being the more hefty type. On a nostalgia buzz. :D Thanks Lee
  6. _Lee_

    Star Wars board game appreciation.

    Have been out of vintage for a few years now but i just picked up the Star Wars Palitoy Death Star escape game to give me a little buzz. I have to say i havent seen on or played it since the early 80s and it amazes me how cheap they can be picked up. The box art with the huge Palitoy logo is...
  7. _Lee_

    Wow - this is shocking.

    If true, this is absolutely nuts. Wow.
  8. _Lee_

    So who else went back in time... Mando.

    Anyone else get the feeling of being transported back in time when Luke revealed himself in the Mandalorian? I did, and it is still such a beautiful scene. As soon as I saw him I was back in 1983 watching ROTJ at the cinema. I saw all the OT in the first period and this scene bought it all...
  9. _Lee_

    Budget gaming PC help.

    Good evening chaps, My 12 year old lad is looking for his first gaming PC. We are going to budget between £200-£300 which I know isnt a lot but we wanted to get him something on a budget. I've seen some on Ebay and Amazon for that price but all I want to know is what do I need to look for...
  10. _Lee_

    Vintage Empire documentary

    I know some of you guys have seen this but fast forward to 14:46min. This guy looks and sounds like Adam Driver . Possibly a time traveller. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. _Lee_

    Star Wars wax pack wrappers wanted

    Guys, I'm on the lookout for wrappers from Topps vintage wax wrappers. ANH series 1-5 *need 4 of each ESB series 1-3 need 3 of each Cheers Lee
  12. _Lee_

    Yoda head made by Grinchy.

    Hey people, I have this Yoda head for sale which was made by our very own Grinchy here on SWFUK. Sorry to see it go but I'm starting a 1/1 build soon and am purchasing a complete kit. Looking for £65 uk shipped for him. Lee
  13. _Lee_

    WTB Boba Fett ESB bubble / card area

    Hi all, Looking for a Boba Fett ESB bubble or cut.bubble cardback. Will pay well! Lee
  14. _Lee_

    Painting competitions leaflets

    Hey all, Hope you are all well? Havent been around for a long time but in slowly stepping away from the hobby now. Need to run a few things across for a valuation as I'm trying to get some money together for work in the house. First up, 2 flyers and letter/leaflet for Palitoy ROTJ painting...
  15. _Lee_

    Any interest in full set of Empty USA Topps boxes?

    Hey guys, Looking to move on a set of empty and some full Topps USA vintage gum card boxes. STAR WARS series 1,2,3,4,5 ESB series 1,2,3, ROTJ SERIES 1 AND 2 BOXES BOTH ALMOST FULL. There are around 4 packs missing from each box packs are all opened to remove gum and neatly closed again. A...
  16. _Lee_

    Could the sequels be remade?

    This isnt meant as a dig at the ST but does anyone else think the sequels could be re-made? As Disney own Marvel and they like a re-boot, could this possibly happen?
  17. _Lee_

    Latest prop builds by Lee.

    Hey guys, Haven't been on in ages, so.i thought I'd show my latest prop works, both Star Wars and others. I've always wanted a Heath Ledger Joker bust but didnt want to spend the 4k for a top of the range one which is amazingly accurate so thought I'd build one with a £100 budget. I bought a...
  18. _Lee_

    Huge C.h.i.p.s. collection lost in post/stolen.

    Hey guys, Firstly I have to say hello to you all and see if you are all good :D I haven't been active on the forum for a long time purely because I have had a huge vintage C.h.i p.s collection go missing / be stolen in the post and it has left me very bitter and pretty much done with...
  19. _Lee_

    Smith Lord creations.

    Just noticed this Ebay guy Smith Lord creations now sells a fake R2 pop up. Oddly enough he has started blanking out all the star wars references on his packaging too - did Lucasfilm step in??
  20. _Lee_

    Bung harris poster

    Anyone know what these are worth?? I believe it's a rare piece but as for a price god knows.
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