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  1. itfciain

    Iain's Display Accessories

    Sounds good mate - just replied
  2. itfciain

    Iain's Display Accessories

    Pleasure mate - glad he is back with his original owner
  3. itfciain

    Latest Acquisitions

    I imagine that I haven’t posted here for ages - got a little care package in from Neil today and it included this little beauty AtSt Driver with two Han Blasters - which was packed up in the very Star Case that I sold in it about 6 years ago apparently (and for a lot less than I paid for it!)
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  6. itfciain

    Iain's Display Accessories

    Sorry guys - been crazy busy so not been on here for a while - will reply to both now
  7. itfciain

    Iain's Display Accessories

    Thanks mate - my little inbred chum jackabina does all the hard work over there :D
  8. itfciain

    Iain's Display Accessories

    Hi Dale - sure you have been steered in the right direction by now but you need Christian for those -
  9. itfciain

    James Martin / Waltham Wookiee

    I have both the mug and the tool that James made - I remember taking it back through customs in my hand luggage and the chap that inspected my bag just gave me a weird look when he pulled it out - I guess he thought I was too much of a nerd to do any damage with it Very sad to hear about James...
  10. itfciain

    Scott's MOCS

    I wish I had the time to put together the inventory for one of those - hope you are keeping well mate
  11. itfciain

    Scott's MOCS

    Yes mate - not sure what is going on - will try again
  12. itfciain

    Scott's MOCS

    Really - did you ? That’s ace - would like to buy him back if I may
  13. itfciain

    Scott's MOCS

    Pm sent for the Atst driver
  14. itfciain

    In these troubled times

    Brilliant - in times of great drama nothing beats a Michael Sith poem Hope you are safe mate
  15. itfciain

    Iain's Display Accessories

    Dublinjeff - now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time ! I got you mate
  16. itfciain

    Wave of nostalgia

    Logged on tonight as I had a couple of messages to answer - as I am scrolling through the pages it all came flooding back to me I was a lurker for about 6 months and the decided to take the plunge - the welcome I got was great and the feedback on my then limelight (loose Last 17) was really...
  17. itfciain


    Wow - lunatics have taken over the asylum ! Seriously, congrats to both - really good guys and about time we had some new Mod blood :D
  18. itfciain

    Archived Iain's 2013 MOC Sale - NEW CARDS ADDED 17/1

    Thanks for the kind words Mike - business is really good but kind of takes away my time to 'hobby' - been at the ICCC all weekend and although it was a great time and met up with lots of friends it was still work. Don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me as I love what I do but just means I have...
  19. itfciain

    Vintage: Current Value check for these loose figures

    Looks like you have between 700-800GBP or so there - if you can find any of the black weapons for either the Luke Poncho, Lando General or A-Wing Pilot then you'll add a minimum of another 50 per weapon
  20. itfciain

    Archived Iain's 2013 MOC Sale - NEW CARDS ADDED 17/1

    Next time I have a decent run of cards in then I'll pop a thread up on here first :D
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