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  1. Blackbeard

    Where are our lightsabers ?

    I'm working on it. Some folks are getting gotta figure out why it doesn't work right.
  2. Blackbeard

    Where are our lightsabers ?

    I'm working on it. It should be automatic.
  3. Blackbeard

    No more playset and vehicle of the year

    I also take responsibility, it's been a hectic 30 days, all personal issues. Feel free to hound me until something is fixed.
  4. Blackbeard

    Where are our lightsabers ?

    It's supposed to be automatic. Need to look into why it is not.
  5. Blackbeard

    Polling Forum

    I don't have a message from you about that? Must have missed something. However the polling forum is setup for polls.
  6. Blackbeard

    A HUGE thanks to Blackbeard - re baggie guide(s)

    Frank - thank you for your patience - and yes I'm thrilled we could make things easier for the transition. I know we went back and forth at the beginning , but I do believe we are on the upswing to continue growing the site with this being among some of the first steps. Love these guides and...
  7. Blackbeard

    Star Wars Memes

    They are definitely brothers...could almost pass as twins!
  8. Blackbeard

    Star Wars Memes

    I'm really enjoying the Star Wars Memes I've been seeing on Facebook lately.
  9. Blackbeard

    Im New!

    Welcome to the site, youngling! We are glad you decided to join us!
  10. Blackbeard

    Disabling PM's for new members

    Hi @JNSWReprise - We ask that users have 10 posts, and be a member for 7 days before using the private message system.
  11. Blackbeard


    Yes, let me know if you don't see it, and what forum.
  12. Blackbeard

    Michael K Williams R.I.P

    Sad for sure. I thought he did great in Boardwalk Empire.
  13. Blackbeard

    Star Wars Hildebrandt UK Quad - For Sale

    Please edit the original post to include a price. Thanks!
  14. Blackbeard

    This forum is brilliant

    I do think it's a wonderful forum!
  15. Blackbeard


    We send out a note usually if they are active etc.
  16. Blackbeard

    Disabling PM's for new members

    New Members will not be able to start new PM's. I've implemented new policies that the system will look at to analyze and help reduce spam/scammers even further. You should never send money or email new members if they make an offer to you with out verifying. Thank you!
  17. Blackbeard

    May we not swear on the forum ?

    We have a censor in place. I don't find cursing to be useful for conversation, so some words are blocked out by the system. Decorium is expected from each member, but I've also implemented a tool that if you decide you want to view the language like that, you are able to.
  18. Blackbeard


    There should be. I will need to add them to each forum.
  19. Blackbeard

    Change of Forum Ownership

    Yes, thanks updated the first post, and will continue to update more. We have redirect in place so the urls do not 404 error out.
  20. Blackbeard

    Email Preferences Query

    Each new post also has this indicator - I'm thinking this could be tweaked to offer some contrast.
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